Chocolate Making Process Flow Chart

By:Ellie Time:August-24,2018
Chocolate is a sweet treat that everyone likes, and many people are obsessed with it. So do you know the chocolate making process flow chart? Do you know which machines are needed to make chocolate? As a chocolate processing machine supplier, today I would like to tell you the chocolate making process.
chocolate making process
First of all, chocolate making process mainly includes the following steps: cocoa butter melting,sugar grinding,conching and refining,storing and heating,tempering and moulding.Next let me show you the steps in detail.
1.Cocoa butter melting
In general, the first step in making chocolate in the factory is to melt the cocoa block and cocoa butter. Special chocolate melting machine is required at this time. This chocolate melting machine can melt the solid cocoa butter and cocoa block into liquid state, which can be further processed only by conversion to liquid state.
2.Sugar grinding
Sugar is an indispensable ingredient in making chocolate. Although the granules of ordinary sugar are already small, they still cannot meet the needs of chocolate production. Therefore, it is necessary to further grind with the sugar grinding machine to pulverize the sugar into a finer fine powder.
3.Conching and refining
After melting and grinding,the chocolate and sugar needed to be put into the chocolate conche machine.The chocolate conche machine will fully fuse and emulsify the chocolate paste and sugar so that the final chocolate taste will be more delicate and smooth.
4.Storing and heating
After conching and refining,the chocolate paste should be stored in the chocolate storage tank.The chocolate storage tank has the function of keeping warm and stirring, which can reduce the water content in the chocolate pulp.
And then the chocolate paste should be conveyed to the chocolate temperature machine.The chocolate temperature machine will adjust the temperature of chocolate paste so that the chocolate paste can produce stable crystal form.
After tempering, the final step to make chocolate is moulding.The chocolate moulding machine allows the chocolate paste to cool and harden into different shapes depending on the mold.
Above all are the most basic chocolate making process to make chocolate, if you want to make other kinds of chocolate production,we also have a series of chocolate equipment. We are committed to producing chocolate making machines for a long time.Our chocolate making equipment adopts the most advanced technology, at the same time, the price of our chocolate making machine is the most affordable.So if you have interested in our chocolate making machine,or if you still have questions about the chocolate making process, you can communicate with me!
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