Cashew Processing Machine Suppliers

By:Ellie Time:August-31,2018
Our company is a creative cashew processing machine suppliers in China.And our cashew processing machine uses the most advanced technology so that it can fully meet your needs of processing cashew. And as suppliers,in order that more customers can have cooperation with us,I would like to introduce the machine in detail.
The set of cashew processing machine mainly contains cashew classifier machine,cashew shelling machine,cashew shell kernel separator machine,cashew peeling machine.The following are my descriptions of the four mainly machines.
cashew processing machine suppliers
1.Cashew classifier machine
The cashew classifier machine is widely used to classify nuts such as almonds, walnuts, palms, fruits, cashews,hazelnuts,macadamia nuts. The machine can be customized according to the actual needs of customers. The cashew sorter is mainly composed of a transmission structure, a layered structure, a frame and the like. The machine is easy to operate, low noise and high efficiency.
2.Cashew shelling machine
This cashew shelling machine is made of high carbon steel and ordinary steel, feeding, grain plate spindle and rotor power.The cashew nut sheller has large, small and small models, and adopts the principle of shelling with screw and grid concave plate.
It has a composite double shell, high shelling rate, low cracking rate and saving human resources.Each cashew shelling machine has 6 feed inlets, and the feeding operation is completed automatically, which is easy to operate, high efficiency, suitable for cashew nuts factory.
3.Cashew shell kernel separator machine
This cashew shell kernel separator machine is designed to separate shells and seeds, such as cashews and walnuts. The machine uses the principle of vibration to separate the seed and the shell by different weight and suspension speed. The material vibrates in the sieve body. The large nut of the housing is small. The shell and the nut are separated by a sieve, the top of a shell, the next one out of the nuts.What’s more, this machine can control the size of the wind and shake the structure of the machine to get a good shell and seed.
4.Cashew peeling machine
The cashew peeling machine is professionally used for peeling cashew nuts, beans, almonds, etc. It should be equipped with an air compressor.
Due to the strong airflow generated by the air compressor, the cyclone can smoothly peel off the cashews and the damage rate is low.
In addition, the cashew peeling machine has an automatic control system, stripping and automatic separation of the core. This machine is mainly made of stainless steel, and the products produced by Ali are in full compliance with the requirements of sanitary standards.
Now you have known a lot about the cashew processing machine.As cashew processing machine suppliers,we have our factory,so the price of our cashew processing machine is quite reasonable.We are looking forward to cooperating with all of you,if you have interested in the machine,you can contact me.
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