Automatic Cashew Nut Cutting Machine HD Video

By:Ellie Time:August-31,2018
Automatic cashew nut cutting machine is a particularly popular machine at home and abroad, and our company has recently sold many of these cashew cutting machines. So today I want to show you automatic cashew nut cutting machine HD video and other descriptions to let all you have a further knowledge of our machine.
Our new cashew nut cutting machine is based on the original cashew cutter. The machine adopts reciprocating knife shredding and vibration grading to achieve uniform chopping. Feeding from the conveyor belt, the material to be cut can be evenly chopped and does not produce oil extrusion, which is the ideal equipment for shredding. Now I will show you the cashew nut cutting machine video.

After watching the video,I believe that you can have a great understanding of the operating of the cashew nut cutting machine.Our cashew nut cutting machine is so popular among many countries relying on its lots of advantages,Now let me tell you some advantages of the cashew nut cutting machine.
1.As shown in the video, the machine is operated by its own automatic operating system, so the operation of this machine is very convenient. The user only needs to evenly put the raw materials into the machine, open the switch of the machine, and the machine will be automatically and efficiently. 
2.The round-trip speed of the machine tool is constant, and the size of the material particles can be changed according to the subsequent production needs. It is only necessary to adjust the speed of the conveyor to easily change the size of the material particles.
3.The cashew nut cutting machine's cutters are made of the highest quality materials, so the work efficiency during cutting is high, and the quality of the material after cutting is stable. Machine spare parts are not easily damaged and do not require much time for maintenance.
If you want the cashew nut cutting machine to have a long service life, you need to pay great attention to the maintenance of the machine when using the machine daily.Now let me give you several maintenance tips.
1.Every time you use the cashew nut cutting machine, you need to carefully check whether the various parts of the machine are damaged or not, and avoid accidents when the machine is in use.
2.The nut cutting machine should be cleaned in time after each use to facilitate the next use of the machine.
3.The user shall make weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual maintenance plans according to the condition of the equipment, working environment and technical maintenance points, and perform it regularly.
By watching the cashew nut cutting video and my description of the machine,I hope that you can get more information about our machine. Contact me if you want to know more about the cashew cutting machine.
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