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By:Ellie Time:August-28,2018
Our company is a professional peanut grinder machine supplier which has exported the peanut butter grinder to many countries such as Philippines,India and other countries. And the peanut butter grinding machine we supply has the wholesale price because our machines are all directly supplied by our own factory. Recently, I found that many people in the Philippines like to eat peanut butter. Peanut butter is very popular in the Philippines. So today I would like to have a introduction about our wholesale price peanut butter grinding machine.
peanut grinder price philippines
The peanut grinder we produced is multifunctional. Not only can it be used to produce peanut butter, it can also produce almond paste, walnut paste, hummus and other sauces and milk.So next I will tell you the working principle of the peanut butter grinding machine so that you can learn how does the machine work.
The main working principle of the peanut grinder machine is shearing, grinding and high-speed stirring. The grinding is made up of the relative movement of the toothed bevel of the grinding disc, one of which rotates at a high speed and the other of which causes the material to pass through the material between the toothed bevels to be subjected to extremely high shear force and friction, and at the same time in high frequency vibration and Under the action of complex forces such as high-speed vortex, the material is ground, emulsified, pulverized, mixed, dispersed and homogenized, thereby obtaining high efficiency of fine ultrafine particle pulverization.
Now let me tell you how to use the peanut butter grinding machine.
1. The peanut grinder should be installed horizontally on a flat land or platform and secured with anchor screws.
2. Before using the peanut butter grinding machine, first check whether the fastening screws are tightened to avoid accidents during work.
3. Before using the machine, you need to use a special wrench to turn the rotor to check whether it is in contact with the stator, and if there is any jam, if it is not allowed to start the machine, it will damage the machine.
4. Check and connect the power cord and ensure that the direction of rotation of the rotor is the same as the arrow on the base (clockwise rotation).
5. When starting the motor, first switch the switch to check for noise and vibration. If the situation is not normal, it should be stopped immediately. After troubleshooting, try again.
6. After cleaning the stator after work, the residual material in the rotor should be carried out under running conditions. The cleaning is performed by first positioning the positioning disk in a counterclockwise direction of not less than 90°.
Now you have got lots of information about the peanut grinder,if you have demand for the peanut grinder,then you can contact us,we will supply the peanut grinder to all of Philippines customers with wholesale price!
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