High Quality Automatic Chocolate Making Machine Factory Price In India

By:Ellie Time:August-28,2018
Several days ago, a friend in India want to run a chocolate factory so that he came to ask me whether we have automatic chocolate making machine. As a chocolate making machine supplier in China, our company has produced the latest automatic chocolate making machine. And our machine is directly supplied by our factory with factory price! The India customer was very interested in our automatic chocolate making machine. In order taht more customers can have a good understant of our chocolate making machine price and other information, today I would like to show you our advanced automatic chocolate making machine. 
Our automatic chocolate making machine basically includes chocolate fat melting machine,sugar grinding machine, chocolate conche machine, chocolate storage tank, chocolate temperature machine and chocolate moulding machine.
automatic chocolate making machine price in india
1.Chocolate fat melting machine
The machine is used to melt chocolate pieces into chocolate syrup, which is the main equipment in the chocolate production process. The machine is suitable for the main equipment for food companies, laboratories and shops to cast and fill chocolate on site.
Our cocoa butter melting tank is a water jacket and the jacketed tank is ss304. It is heated by an electric heating tube
2.Sugar grinding machine
The crushing chamber of the sugar grinding machine is equipped with a wind turbine type high speed rotary cutter so that the airflow in the chamber is strong enough to eliminate any heat in the chamber. The machine uses the relative motion between the activity and the fixed fluted disc to impact, grind and crush the target material.
It has the advantages of stable operation, convenient assembly and disassembly, low noise and high crushing efficiency. 
3.Chocolate conche machine
This chocolate conche machine is a must for making chocolate. At this stage, the characteristic taste, smell and texture of the chocolate can be developed.
The refining process is to reduce the particle size of the cocoa solids and sugar crystals in the finished chocolate.
The conch is heated by electricity. The rear cover is fitted with a ventilation fan, the surface cover is made of SUS304, and the other is made of carbon steel and paint.
4.Chocolate storage tank
This chocolate storage tank is an essential equipment in the production of chocolate. It is mainly used for the insulation and storage of chocolate syrup. It meets the technical requirements of chocolate production and meets the requirements of continuous production. In addition to cooling, heating, heat preservation and other functions, the product can also stir the chocolate pulp continuously, and also has the functions of degassing, air desulfurization and dehydration.
5.Chocolate temperature machine
Our chocolate thermostats are improved by our company, adopting the latest technology, with more stable work performance and efficiency. The machine is made of all stainless steel wire drawing and is fully compliant with food standards. High-tech sensors ensure electronic control sensitivity and temperature retention for even chocolate temperature regulation. 
6.Chocolate moulding machine
This automatic chocolate moulding machine is used for chocolate deposition molding. The entire process is fully automated including deposition, stencil vibration, cooling, demoulding, conveying and plate heating. Customers can choose single-head semi-automatic, one-head, two-head or three-head molding lines for different products according to actual production needs.
After reading the article, I believe that you have more interested in our machine. And our automatic chocolate making machine is on sale with the most favorable price! If you have demand for our machine,you can ask me for the actual price!
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