Do You Know How To Make Chocolate ? Youtube Video Show You

By:Ellie Time:August-24,2018
Do you want to know how to make chocolate? Do you know which machines needed to use if you want to make chocolate? If you are looking at the news, then you are lucky. Today I would like to tell you how to make chocolate by youtube video. After reading the video and my words description of chocolate making machine, I believe you will learn more about the chocolate.
First of all, I will give you the chocolate bean  making machine video for your watching.

As shown on the video, making chocolate requires a whole set of chocolate production machine. The chocolate production machine mainly consists of chocolate fat melting machine,sugar grinding machine, chocolate ball milling machine, chocolate storage tank, chocolate temperature machine and chocolate moulding machine.
Noe let me further introduce you the above machines.
1.Chocolate fat melting machine
The chocolate fat melting machine can be used to melt cocoa butter and can be equipped with a chocolate delivery pump to deliver the liquid to the conch. This chocolate melting machine has the functions of electric heating and automatic temperature control.
2.Sugar grinding machine
This sugar grinding machine can pulverize sugar with uneven particle size into a certain fineness of powdered sugar.This machine adopts the impact crushing method. The material fed into the crushing chamber through the screw shaft will be crushed by 24 cuttings, so that the tail swinging movable hammer of the double-tailed hammer continues to operate so that the sugar is crushed.
3.Chocolate ball milling machine
This chocolate ball milling machine is used to finely grind chocolate paste, which is a special machine for finely grinding chocolate paste and its additives. The material is finely ground to the desired fineness by impact and friction between the material and the steel balls in the vertical cylinder.
4.Chocolate storage tank
The chocolate storage tank is made of high quality stainless steel construction. Mainly used to store ground chocolate. The materials are all sanitary stainless steel. The machine is designed to be very user-friendly and easy to operate. The transition zone of the tank inner wall adopts a curved transition to ensure no sanitary corners.
5.Chocolate temperature machine
Our chocolate tempering tanks range from 150 kg to 2000 kg and can be specially made to suit your specific needs. It can be used for the melting, storage and holding of chocolate, shafts and similar coatings.
The machine can be automatically controlled in strict accordance with the temperature required at each stage of the chocolate tempering process to ensure the quality of the chocolate.
6.Chocolate moulding machine
The chocolate moulding machine is a special device for storing/forming chocolate. The chocolate depositor range can be used to produce single flavors, two flavors, three flavors, center fillings, nut center fillings and other types of chocolate depending on the machine. The range is available in a variety of sizes and can be customized to suit your production needs.

Above all are my video and words introduction about the chocolate making machine, I believe that you have had a good knowledge about our machine.If you have any questions,you can communicate with me!
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