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By:Ellie Time:August-24,2018
Our company is a professional chocolate making machine manufacturer.We can design and provide the latest chocolate making equipment. Then I found this chocolate making equipment has attracted many Indian guests. Many Indian guests came to ask me about this chocolate. In order to let more guests know more about our chocolate making machine, today I will share with you our machines.
chocolate making machine manufacturers in india
First of all,let me have a brief introduction about our chocolate making machine.The complete set of chocolate making machine mainly consist of chocolate fat melting machine,sugar grinding machine, chocolate conche machine, chocolate storage tank, chocolate tempering machine and chocolate moulding machine.
Now let me tell you the functions and characteristics about the above machines.
1.chocolate fat melting machine
The chocolate fat melting machine is mainly suitable for melting cocoa butter and cocoa bar. The new chocolate melting machine developed by our company is the first new type introduced in China. The structure of the equipment is reasonable and has the advantage that the original chocolate melting machine cannot be compared. The equipment also increases the rated temperature automatic circulation temperature control device to make fine grinding. The chocolate paste is more suitable for the chocolate process and is a must for improving the quality of the chocolate.
2.sugar grinding machine
This sugar grinding machine is mainly used to crush sugar. The structure of the machine is simple, firm, stable, and the pulverization effect is good. The pulverized material can be directly discharged from the grinding chamber of the host machine.
3.chocolate conche machine
This chocolate conche machine is mainly used for fine grinding chocolate paste. The machine can effectively reduce the power consumption, reduce the temperature and parts wear caused by the friction of the chocolate slurry during normal fine grinding, and the reasonable transmission structure makes the device a new bright spot.
4.chocolate storage tank
The chocolate storage tank is used for storing the refined chocolate slurry, and the machine also has a heat preservation effect. At the same time, the stirring of the slurry by the agitator can effectively prevent the oil from separating.
5.chocolate tempering machine
The chocolate tempering machine plays a role in the production of chocolate. The machine can strictly control the temperature required in each stage of the chocolate temperature regulation process to ensure the release of the chocolate and the quality of the product.
6.chocolate moulding machine
The chocolate moulding machine can shape chocolate through different molds. We have a variety of chocolate moulding machines to meet the needs of different customers, while the mold can be customized.
As a chocolate making machine manufacturer in India, we can provide the most quality machine with the cheap price.If you want the chocolate making machine, you can contact me!
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