Chocolate Coating Machine Packed To India

By:Ellie Time:August-28,2018
I am so pleasant to tell all of you a good news that our chocolate coating machine packed to India in the last past several days!
The chocolate coating machine is mainly used for spherical or granular materials in the production, mixing, food industry or chemical industry, such as: chocolate polishing, peanut coating, sugar addition and so on.The chocolate coating machine is our the newest chocolate machine designed by our professional engineers.
The chocolate coating machine has attracted many customers’ eyes the moment it is produced,especially many India customers.
 chocolate coating machine
This Indian guest owns a small chocolate factory of his own. He has been engaged in chocolate manufacturing in India for many years. This time he wants to find a cost-effective chocolate coating machine in China. This guest was introduced by his Indian friend. His friend is one of our old customers who has purchased machines in our company many times. We got in touch with the India customer the first time after learning about the customer's needs. After learning about the size of the factory and the production requirements, we recommended a suitable chocolate coating machine for him. We sent the operation test video of this machine and the quotation of the machine to the customer at the same time. After three days, the customer contacted us again. This time he hoped that we could give him a special preferential price. After many discussions and communications between the two parties, the chocolate coating machine was finally sold at a price that was very satisfactory to the customers.
Now let me tell you how does the chocolate coating machine work.
Our chocolate coating machine is composed of a main body, a worm gear box, a coating pot, a heating device, a general blower for a hot air blower, and electrical equipment. The motor rotates the coating disk by driving the worm gear and the worm through the V-belt. The material is then rotated up and down in the coating pan so that uniform mixing, granulation and polishing are well accomplished.
Hot and cold air are specially designed to meet the requirements of different production technologies and maintain quality standards. This machine is therefore suitable for use in the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries.
Our chocolate coating machine also has a lot of advantages.
The chocolate coating machine is made of stainless steel, and the whole machine has stable transmission and reliable performance,which is easy to clean and maintain with high thermal efficiency. And the machine can simultaneously produce process requirement.It is an ideal equipment for the pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries.
So if you also have interested in our chocolate coating machine,then you can contact us!
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