Automatic Chocolate Production Line Manufacturer

By:Ellie Time:August-24,2018
As a professional automatic chocolate production line manufacturer,our company has designed and produced the latest automatic chocolate production line. 
The automatic chocolate production line mainly includes six machines, they are chocolate fat melting machine,sugar grinding machine,chocolate conche machine, chocolate storage tank, chocolate temperature machine and chocolate moulding machine. Today let me introduce you the six machines in detail.
chocolate production line manufacturer
1.Chocolate fat melting machine
The cocoa butter block should be melted and placed in a chocolate refiner. The machine is cylindrical in shape and has a heating tube in the jacketed tank so that the cocoa mass can be placed on top and melted quickly.
The main material for chocolate is cocoa butter, which is usually a solid. The melting process is required before placing the chocolate material in the refiner/refiner. In addition, the cocoa butter melting tank can extend the life of the refiner/refiner.
1.Sugar grinding machine
The machine is used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries as a pre-processing coordination machine for the fine grinding process. The machine can process any material without the viscosity, hardness, softness or fiber shape of the above materials.
2.Chocolate conche machine
The chocolate conche machine is one of the essential equipment in chocolate processing, with a main console and power assisted pressure control to increase and decrease pressure. The machine is equipped with its own extraction device and the output is equipped with a sampling valve and a shut-off valve. The machine produces high quality dark chocolate, white chocolate, pralines, truffles, and many other products.
4.Chocolate storage tank
This chocolate storage tank is used to store finely ground chocolate sauce to maintain the temperature required for chocolate. The temperature control system inside the machine can maintain the temperature required for the chocolate by controlling the temperature of the water in the jacket layer.
The chocolate storage tank has the functions of cooling, heating and heat preservation; you can set the required temperature on the control panel.
At the same time, it also has the function of degassing, decolorizing, dehydrating and preventing chocolate fat from separating chocolate fat by continuous stirring stirrer.
5.Chocolate temperature machine
The chocolate temperature machine is designed according to the characteristics of natural cocoa butter and cocoa butter equivalent (CBE).
The machine uses a vertical structure that feeds from the bottom, then passes through four temperature-regulating zones and a temperature-holding zone, and then outputs it from the top of the machine. During the temperature adjustment process, the chocolate will crystallize well, the taste will be smooth, the finishing effect is good, and the shelf life is long.
6.Chocolate moulding machine
The chocolate moulding machine is a chocolate device based on the latest technology in the world. It can shape, flip, vibrate and cool chocolate. With this advanced machine you can produce pure chocolate, chocolates of various sizes, fillings, multiple colors and a variety of flavors. It has the advantages of high productivity, variety, neatness and practicality.
All above are the main machines of the chocolate production line. Otherwise, the chocolate production line also can equipped with the chocolate cooling tunnel,chocolate packaging machine and other chocolate equipment. And the above machines all can be customized according to customers’ actual requirements. So if you are looking for the chocolate production line, you can contact me for more information.
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