How Is Made From Bean To Bar With Chocolate Equipment

By:Ellie Time:August-24,2018
Do you know how is made from bean to bar with chocolate equipment?
Cocoa beans are the most important raw materials for the production of chocolate. Before turning into chocolate, cocoa beans must undergo a series of processing steps to become cocoa bars, and then the cocoa bars can be further processed into chocolate. Today, I will introduce you the bean to bar chocolate equipment.
The bean to bar chocolate equipment mainly consists of three machines,they are cocoa bean roasting machine,cocoa bean peeling machine and cocoa grinding machine.Now let me show you the three machines respectively.
bean to bar chocolate equipment
1.Cocoa bean roasting machine
This cocoa bean roasting machine is one of the main equipment for the cocoa processing line. This cocoa bean roaster is used to roast cocoa beans before peeling off the skin of cocoa beans. The peeling rate after roasting is high, and the breaking rate is less than 5%. The machine can be used to bake cocoa beans by electric heating or gas heating. The machine also automatically controls the operating temperature via a digital temperature controller,which is simple in structure and easy to operate.
2.Cocoa bean peeling machine
After roasting, the skin of cocoa bean should be remove.The cocoa bean peeling machine adopts stripping roller, fan and component proportion, which is simple, compact, safe and reliable.
The cocoa beans are first fed uniformly into the hopper, and then the cocoa is peeled off by a roller in a scrubbing and rolling manner. Inside the machine are two rollers for crushing and breaking cocoa beans.
Then the shell of the cocoa beans will leave the cocoa beans. The fan will generate wind, and the wind can blow the shell out into the plastic bag. The broken cocoa granules will be discharged from the machine's outlet.
3.Cocoa grinding machine
After peeling,we can get the peeled cocoa beans.Then the cocoa beans needed to ground by the cocoa grinding machine.This machine uses different shapes of stator and rotor to break the cocoa beans under high-speed rotation. The distance between the stators can be adjusted and ground by recirculation. This machine has many advantages, compact structure, stable operation, low noise, rust prevention, easy cleaning and maintenance. After grinding,the cocoa beans will be processed into cocoa paste. And then after cooling, the cocoa paste can be finally transferred into coco bar.
Above all are mainly cocoa bean to bar chocolate equipment.Only when the cocoa beans are processed into cocoa bars can they be further processed into chocolate. So if you have demand for the set of equipment,you can contact me for more information.
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