The Strip Cutting for Pistachio Kernel

By:Ellie Time:July-31,2018
Pistachio is a kind of nut commonly seen in people's daily life. Pistachios are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They have the characteristics of low fat, low calorie and high fiber. Today I'd like to introduce you to the pistachio strips cutting machine which is used to the strip cutting for pistachio kernel.
the strip cutting for pistachio kernel
The pistachio strips cutting machine is mainly used to the strip cutting for pistachio kernel, almond, peanut and other nuts automatically. The cutting blade of the pistachio cutter can be adjusted to cut all kinds and sizes of pistachio strips. This kind of pistachio cutting machine greatly improves the cutting efficiency and saves time and manpower.
Now I want to tell you the working principle of the pistachio strips cutting machine.
The pistachio strips cutting machine consists of three parts: feeding part, cutting part and separating part.
This multifunctional pistachio strips cutting machine adopts a high-speed rotating cutting drum to process pistachios.The pistachio will be fed into the cutting drum through a vibrating feeding device for better cutting effect, and the core can be cut in two or more parts.
The pistachio strips cutting machine has varieties of advantages. The advantages  are as follows.
1.The pistachio cutting machine introduces advanced technology and special blade, and has high cutting rate,which will not destroy the nutritional structure of the pistachio itself. After cutting, the pistachio strips are smooth, well-shaped and not damaged.
2.The machine body is made entirely of stainless steel and meets hygienic and health standards.
3.The machine's tools can be changed according to different shapes and types of nuts, further exaggerating the scope of the machine.
4.Some small parts of the machine can be customized according to customers' needs
5.The process of the strip cutting for pistachio kernel is fully automatically, which is really convenient for guests to operate.
the strip cutting for pistachio kernel
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