Price of Sesame Peeling Machine in China

By:Ellie Time:July-31,2018
Sesame is a common food in our daily life, but do you know that sesame needs to be peeled before making various kinds of food with it? Today I'd like to talk to you about sesame peeling machine and the price of sesame peeling machine in China.
Firstly,I want to have a brief introduction about sesame peeling machine.
The sesame seed peeling machine our company produced is a most advanced peeling machine in China, the main purpose of which is to separate the skin and kernel after soaking, peeling. This machine mainly includes the body, compound agitator, separator, locator, inlet and outlet, reducer gear box and so on. 
price of sesame peeling machine in china
Next I want to show you how does this machine work.
Put sesame seeds around the special mixer driven by the reducer, and the center sesame will continue to move downwards, so that the sesame will move up and down, and then the sesame will be completely soaked in water.
2. Skin removing
A reducer-driven agitator spins the soaked sesame up and down quickly. The hull is removed from the core by friction between the sesame and rotating force from the agitator.
3.Separating the skin and kernel
The reducer-driven agitator continuously pushes the hull and kernel, moving both radial and axial. The hull is drained through holes in the plate, and the kernel is supported by perforated plates, so they separate from each other.
Then I want to tell you the advantages of the sesame peeling machine.
1.The sesame peeling machine adopts vertical structure, the internal space can be fully and effectively used.
2.The soaking time of sesame is short, the peeling speed is fast so that the production efficiency is high and the product quality is really great.
3.This machine can be fully automatic, easy to operate and suitable for everyone.
4.This sesame peeling machine is supplied by our factory directly and the price is very affordable in China
price of sesame peeling machine in china
Finally,about the price of sesame peeling machine in china. Our company can provide many different specifications and types of sesame peeling machine,guests can choose the most suitable one according to their own requirements and actual conditions. And we also can customize the sesame peeling machine according to their requests. But because of the price of raw materials is uncertain recently in China, so it is difficult for us to determine the final price. But we promise that the price of sesame peeling machine in China we produced will be the most reasonable. So customers can buy our machine with confidence.If you are looking for the sesame peeling machine, you can contact us, we will provide the best price of sesame peeling machine in China.
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