How to Remove Peanut Skin Easily

By:Ellie Time:July-25,2018
Peanut is a kind of nut containing many kinds of nutrients.In particular, the vitamin B3 and niacin contained in peanut can promote the development of brain cells, which plays a great role in enhancing memory, and thus having the effect of brain health and intelligence. But the skin of peanut is difficult to remove. So do you know how to remove peanut skin easily? Today I would like to introduce you a peanut skin removing machine to remove the peanut skin easily.
peanut skin removing machine
At first, I want have a brief introduction about this peanut skin removing machine.
This machine is an ideal and professional equipment for peeling the skin of peanut and it can be connected with the peanut roasting machine.This machine has the characteristics of simple operation, high efficiency, low noise, low damage rate, high stripping rate and simple maintenance. It can be used as an ideal equipment for nut peeling.
And Next I will tell you how to operate the machine to easily remove peanut skin.
Before peeling, you should put peanut in hot water for 15-20 minutes so that it can more easier to remove the peanut skin.
Then you should place the soaked peanuts in a funnel, then the peanuts will pass through a sieve into the peeling tires.
Rotate the tire to remove the peanut and separate the skin from the peeled peanut.
Finished above steps, then you you can get peeled peanut easily!
peanut skin removing machine
By using this peanut skin removing machine, you can get peeled peanut easily and conveniently.
And finally, I would like to share you with our hearty service about our machine.
1.Before sending the machine, we will test and adjust it so that you can use it directly when you get the machine.
2.Operate video and instructions will be sent to customers to help them better use the machine.
3.If there is any problem in the use, we will provide professional advice.
4.We supply all kinds of common parts all year round.
We sincerely hope that you can cooperate with us in the near future. And I believe that you will be pleased with our machine. If you have any other questions about how to remove peanut skin easily or have interested about our machine, you can contact us!
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