How to Make Cacao Powder From Cacao Nibs

By:Ellie Time:July-25,2018
Cacao can stimulate the cerebral cortex, eliminate drowsiness, enhance the sense of touch and thinking, and can adjust the heart function, also have the effect of dilating the blood vessels of the kidney. Cacao powder is made from the seeds of cocoa trees.It can be used in the production of chocolate, beverage, which is also an important component of chocolate cake. But do you know how to make cacao powder from cacao nibs? Today, I want to share you with the important machine, it will tell you how to grind cacao nibs into powder.
how to grind cacao nibs into powder
The cocoa powder grinding machine is widely used for grinding materials in food, medical, chemical and other industries. Firstly, I will tell you how does this cocoa powder grinding machine work.The machine uses the relative movement between the movable toothed disc and the fixed sprocket to make the cocoa bean become the cocoa powder through the impact of the sprocket, the friction and the impact of the materials on each other. What’s more,the machine adopts vertical lower discharge equipment to make some materials with poor fluidity pulverize and discharge smoothly, and there is no powder accumulation in the machine. The whole machine is designed according to the "GMP" standard, all made of stainless steel. 
After know how to grind cacao nibs into powder, I will tell you the advantages of the machine.
1.The machine is simple in structure, high in output and easy to clean. It is the most ideal crushing equipment at present.
2.We have a variety of models and specifications of machines, both suitable for large and medium-sized universities, hospital laboratory small machines, or production of large pipeline equipment.
3.The feeding speed of the machine can be adjusted, and the user can adjust it according to actual needs and conditions.
4.The discharge port of this machine adopts circular design, which is convenient for discharging and does not clog up.
how to grind cacao nibs into powder
Finally,I would like to show you some matters need attention when operating the machine.
1.The external power supply of the machine should be equipped with appropriate circuit breakers according to the power of the machine. The purpose is to cut off the power automatically when the machine is overloaded and the current is too large, so as to protect the motor!
2.Make sure the machine is under special care while working.
3.The crushed material particles should not be too large. If the machine speed slows down significantly or stops running passively, the power should be cut off immediately.
4.If the crushed particles are too large, they should be broken through the universal crusher before being crushed by the machine.
All above are what I want to tell you about how to grind cacao nibs into powder. Our company provide good quality machines for a long time, if you have demand, u=you can contact us!
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