Coffee Roasting Machine For Sale Packed To Italian

By:Ellie Time:August-28,2018
There is a very pleasant news that our coffee roasting machine for sale packed to Italian last several days ago!
The coffee roasting machine has exported to many countries and areas these years.And this time,the machine has attracted the customer from Italian.The Italian customer wanted a coffee roasting machine which has good quality and cheap price.This guest accidentally saw a baking machine in our company's shop, he wanted us to give him a detailed quote and a video of the machine operation. After understanding the actual needs of customers, we recommended the cocoa baking and cooling machine for customers. Although the price of this house is more expensive than the average baking machine, this machine integrates baking and cooling, greatly Increased productivity and thus increased revenue. The guest finally gave us a reply after considering it for a few days, and he decided to accept our recommendation.Up to now, this machine has been able to work normally in the Italian guest's factory and bring him economic benefits.
italian coffee roasting machine for sale
This kind of coffee roasting machine has so many advantages that it attracts many customers’ eyes. Now let me show you its advantages.
1.First of all, unlike the general roasting machine, this coffee roasting machine integrates roasting and drying, which greatly improves the production efficiency and saves a part of the equipment investment for the customer.
2.The drying process uses the hot and humid gas with the highest moisture content when the material enters the drying chamber. It facilitates the rapid absorption of heat inside the material and can be evenly dried inside and outside during the drying process.
3.The dry heat source adopts a layout structure in which the natural gas temperature is adjustable, the operation life is long, and the material is directly heated above the material. The temperature in the drying chamber can be controlled by the meter, which is beneficial to ensure the yield and quality of the dry material.
4.The transmission mode adopts stepless speed regulation device and the running speed is adjustable so that it is easy to control the dry quality of the material. The conveying material adopts the mesh belt structure to avoid the material being too thin and missing. The hot air fan is circulated in the drying tunnel, and the wind speed is below 0.1 m/s, which will not cause dust flying.
5.The complete baking and drying process has a high degree of automation. The material is in contact with stainless steel or carbon steel, and the high temperature part of the box is made of high temperature cotton.
6.The finished product processed with this coffee roasting machine for sale is not hot and easy to reprocess, package or store.
Our coffee roasting machine is on sale at very affordable price,so if you have interested in the machine,then you can feel freely to contact me!
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