Chestnut Roasting Machine UK

By:Ellie Time:July-24,2018
Chestnut is a particularly nutritious nut. Chestnuts contain starch, vitamins, protein, fat, minerals and other nutrients that the body needs. Often eating chestnut, can very good supplement nutrition for the body, improving immunity.Chestnut is a small snack that many people like to eat, some people like to eat raw, some people like to eat air-dried, some people like to eat roasted chestnuts, some people like sugar fried chestnut and so on. But do you know what machine is used to roast chestnut? Today I would like to introduce you a very professional machine to bake chestnut, which is a popular machine in UK.
chestnut roasting machine uk
Firstly, I will have a brief introduction about the chestnut roasting machine.
Our chestnut roasting nut machine is used to bake nuts, seeds, such as peanuts, peanut shells, peanut kernels, chestnuts, walnuts, almonds, pine nuts, pistachios, macadamia nuts, cashews, broad beans, sunflower seeds and other granular products. It is widely used in these series, such as leisure food, oil press, tea processing, pharmaceutical, etc. This kind of roasting machine has won wide popularity at home and abroad, especially UK.
And next I will tell you the operation instruments of the chestnut roasting machine.
1.Before operation, check whether the transmission parts are loose and there is abnormal noise. If so, please eliminate them in time.
2.Ensure no wear and tear or leakage.
3.After inspection, start the belt idle speed; Turn on the speed setting controller and turn the speed setting switch to speed. The speed can be adjusted at any time.
4.Refer to the temperature controller specification for setting temperature. Different temperatures are set according to the water content of different materials. Once energized, the temperature controller will light up. For example, adjust the temperature range to 90-100 degrees.
chestnut roasting machine uk
And do you know the advantages of this machine?Let me tell you.
1.The nut roaster machine UK adopts a unique horizontal structure of roller, with uniform heating and good sealing. At the same time, the structure has been improved so that the back cover can be opened, making maintenance and repair very convenient.
2.The heating machine is equipped with energy-saving furnace, which can adjust the fire power. The electric heating machine is equipped with a temperature controller, which can adjust the temperature at will.
3.High quality asbestos is selected as the insulating material for the outer layer of the drum. The insulating layer has good performance and high thermal efficiency. It ensures that all kinds of baked goods are met. Save time, save time.
4.The nut roasting machine UK has reasonable structure, simple operation, high thermal efficiency, even Fried dishes, good taste.
This chestnut roasting machine has been exported to UK many times in recent years. And the UK customers were very satisfied with our machines. 
Looking forward to cooperating with all of you!
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