Seed Nuts Roasting Machine Turkey

By:Ellie Time:July-24,2018
The seed nuts roasting machine is a popular roasting machine in Turkey. And we have sold the seed nuts roasting machine to Turkey regularly in recent years. And the customers from Turkey are very pleasant with our machine, and we have built cooperation for a long time. Today I want to have a introduction about our seed nuts machine.
seed roasting machine turkey
Firstly, I will have a brief introduction about the seed nuts roasting machine Turkey.
The seed nuts roasting machine is used to roast peanuts, sesame, broad beans, melon seeds and other nuts. It uses a heating tube or gas to generate heat, infrared radiation and rotating barrels to help dry the material. During the baking process, the rotating drum will rotate continuously so that the finished product is heated evenly.
And we have many different types and sizes of roasting machine for guests to choose according to their requirements.
seed roasting machine turkey
Next I will share you with our mainly machines.
1.Drum roasting machine. We have different specifications for you to choose according to your different needs. We have one to five drums roasting machine. They are suitable different types of nuts. The rotary drum brings even heating and no burn to the beans. Roasting temperature and time could be set to get best roasting performance. The chickpeas roasting machine adopts the principle of rotating drum, air convection and infrared radiation. The heat produced by the operation of the electric heat pipe is baked with materials and pure flavor baked with infrared radiation and convective hot air drying. In the process of heating, continue to turn the drum, the material being uniform heating, because it is not a direct heating roller,so the patch paste behavior does not occur with energy-saving advantages of safe, simple and easy to operate.    
2.Automatic Cashew Nut Roasting Machine. This machine combines roasting and cooling, which greatly improve the working efficiency and save the investment. And The electric baking machine has a temperature controller, temperature can be adjusted.The machine use rotary rolling cage, heat conduction and heat radiation to set up an automatic temperature control device. Heat air is used as drying medium. The heat energy is used in the process of baking.And the price of the automatic cashew roaster is very reasonable.
Above all are our mainly seed roasting machine Turkey, if you want to know more about our roasting machine in Turkey, you can contact us!
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