Cashew Nut Peeling Machine Price in India

By:Ellie Time:July-24,2018
Cashew nut is a kind of nutritious nut, it is very beneficial to human health. Cashews are high in calories and rich in fat, which can moisten the intestines and relieve constipation. Certain vitamins and trace elements in cashews have a good effect on softening blood vessels, which is beneficial for protecting blood vessels and preventing and controlling cardiovascular diseases. But the shell of cashew nut is hard to remove, if you want to remove the shell, you should use a special machine. Our cashew nut peeling machine is very popular in India with a reasonable price.Today I want to introduce the cashew nut peeling machine in India and its price.
cashew nut peeling machine price india
Firstly,I would like to have a introduction of the cashew nut peeling machine.
This machine can be professionally used to peel cashew nut.This cashew nut peeling machine use the specially designed peeling principle, the peeling process, the nut completely through the blade and the friction hardness, can guarantee the integrity of the work piece, no pollution. This machine is equipped with an automatic electrical device, the nut peel is separated automatically, the product meets the hygienic standard.
The working  principle of cashew peeling machine applying advanced Air Compressor technique to peel off skin. Naturally, It guarantees the quality of cashew nut.
And next I’d like to introduce the advantages of the cashew nut peeling machine.
1.Our cashew peeling machines and tools are characterized by automatic feeding, peeling, unloading, automatic operation, practicability, energy saving, high efficiency, convenient maintenance and low failure rate.
2.The cashew nut peeling machine is equipped with automatic conductive device, and the nut stripping is automatically separated. The product meets the hygienic standards.
3.Cashew nut peeling machine is made of stainless steel material to ensure human health and free of food contamination.
4 The machine is small, easy to operate and easy to clean. 
5.We are a professional manufacturer of cashew nut peeling machine from China. We have many years of working experience and experienced staff, which makes our machines very popular at home and abroad and of high quality. And this machine has been exported to India with a factory price many times.
6.We can make the machine according to your drawings and test requirements.
cashew nut peeling machine price india
And finally, about the price of the cashew nut peeling machine, we promise that we will sell it to our customers with factory price! We have exported this machine to India many times at low price and it is very popular with Indian customers. So if you have demand for this machine, please contact us!
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