Peanut Roasting Machine Price in India

By:Ellie Time:July-24,2018
As we all know, peanut is a very good nut for human health. Peanut contains many kinds of protein and rich vitamins and minerals, which can promote human growth and development. There are many ways to eat peanuts. Roasted peanuts are especially popular. Today we are going to introduce the peanut roasting machine. This machine is very popular in recently years. We have exported the machine to India many times with a inexpensive price, which greatly satisfied the needs of guests from India.
peanut roasting machine price
Firstly, I would like to have a introduction about the peanut roasting machine.
This peanut roasting machine is suitable for the baking of dozens of nut foods such as chestnuts, peanuts, melon seeds and walnuts. The machine has many uses and has the advantages of environmental protection, heat insulation, energy saving and sanitation. This peanut roasting machine is sold in the world's most advanced and affordable.
Next, I would like to tell you the advantages of the peanut roasting machine.
1.The working temperature can be well controlled because this machine has a automatic temperature controller.
2.The peanut roasting machine adopts unique horizontal structure of drum, heat evenly, good sealing.
3.The back cover of the peanut roasting machine can be opened. You can clean and repair it easily under our simple guidance.
4.The machine choose high quality asbestos for insulation materials, the performance of the insulation layer are good, it is high thermal efficiency.
5.The drum roaster can use electricity or gas as a heating energy source.
6.Advanced horizontal rollers allow them to heat evenly while maintaining temperature, and the nuts do not cool quickly.
7.The scrolling direction is adjustable and can be scrolled in the direction of the clock and counter.
8.The price is competitive, the design is beautiful, the performance is the best, and the quality is good.
peanut roasting machine price
Finally, I want to tell you some precautions about the machine.
Firstly, Idle first after turning on the power. After idling for 5 minutes, stop the machine to check whether the adjusting grid nut is loosened and the wire brush is tightened. Secondly, after adjustment, enter the normal operation procedure and evenly add peanuts from the feed inlet.
Thirdly,after each shift, clean the machine with clean water to ensure the normal operation after work.
Above are all I want to tell you about the machine. Our company has many years experience to export to India, we promise that we will sell it to you at a cheap price! Please contact us if you need.
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