Cashew Nut Shelling Machine Design

By:Ellie Time:August-09,2018
Do you know cashew nut shelling machine design? Cashew nut is very nutritious, but the shell of cashew nut is very hard. The cashew nut shelling machine is a specially designed for removing the shell of cashew. Today I would like to introduce the design of cashew nut shelling machine to you.
cashew nut shelling machine design
Firstly, I want to have a brief introduction of cashew shelling machine. The cashew nut sheller adopts dry method and pneumatic drive, the whole process is completely automatic, which will not harm the surface of cashew fruit. Cashew nut shelling machine is our company's patented product. The machine has met the national environmental protection standards and export standards.

Next I want to introduce you the design of cashew nut shelling machine.
The machine is mainly composed of a stripping roller and a vibrating screen, which adopts high-carbon steel and ordinary steel production. The hard shell can be removed from nuts of different sizes by adjusting the gas between the stripping rollers. The feeding action is completed automatically. The machine has simple operation and high efficiency of processing cashew nut shell removal.
cashew nut shelling machine design
After knowing the design of the cashew nut shelling machine, do you want to know the advantages of this design? Let me tell you.
1.The cashew nut shelling machine is light in weight, small in volume, convenient for transportation, convenient in operation, flexible in use and high in processing efficiency.
2.The cashew nut shell removal machine adopts 220v or 380v power supply with a power of 3kw. Therefore, it is very energy-saving and easy to use.
3.The capacity of cashew nut shell remover is 170kg per hour. It can also adjust its capacity to your requirements.
4.The operation of this machine is stable, the noise is low, and we can supply the parts to extend the service life of the machine.
5.This cashew nut shelling machine can be operated independently or can be used in multiple production lines, which has high flexibility.
6.This cashew nut shelling machine has many models to choose from and customers can choose according to their actual needs.
7.The cashew will be divided into 3~5 level according to the width, fit for different size of cashew.No matter small or big cashew can be processed by this machine, if the first grade can not open the cashew, the second will do, in the end all the cashew will be shelled finally.
That’s all about the design of the cashew nut shelling machine. Our company is a professional cashew nut shelling machine manufacturer, we supply the best quality cashew shelling machine with low price. And we have professional technology team, which can design the latest machine for customers.
If you want to know more information about the design of cashew shelling machine, you can communicate with me!
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