Cashew Nut Shelling Machine Price In India

By:Ellie Time:August-06,2018
Recently years, the cashew shelling machine produced by our company is very popular among many countries, especially India. Therefore, many Indian customers contact us, they want to know the price of the cashew nut shelling machine, the working principle of the cashew nut shelling machine and other information. So Today I would like to introduce the cashew shelling machine in detail in order to meets the requirements of many customers.
cashew nut shelling machine price in india
Firstly, I would like to have a brief introduction of the cashew nut shelling machine. 
This machine is based on the original automatic cashew nut shell machine, and on the basis of the new generation of cashew nut processing plant independently developed, this equipment has completely solved the problems of low production efficiency, low output and poor safety of the cashew shell machine. The equipment has the advantages of wide processing range, high output and good safety. After the recognition of many users, this machine is an ideal equipment for cashew nut shell opening, which is worthy of promotion.
Next I want to introduce the working principle of the cashew nut shelling machine.
One by one, cashew nuts are manually fed into the feeding trough between the left and right sides of the sheller blade, and then pushed down and down by the pushing blade to complete the sheller.
cashew nut shelling machine price in india
After knowing the working principle of cashew nut shelling machine, then I would like yo show you the advantages of the cashew nut shelling machine.
1.The cashew can be operated fully automatically so that one person can operate the machine without any pressure.
2.The machine has stable operation, low noise and guaranteed spare parts supply.
3.The machine has low failure rate, long service life and convenient operation.
4.This automatic cashew nut shell cutting machine is easy to maintain and customers can carry out daily maintenance according to our technical instructions.
5.The machine has its own special transmission system and beating system to make sure the raw material will be broken to remove the shell easily. The cashew seeds will be not be injured after processing.  
Finally, about the price, our company has many different sizes and specifications cashew nut shelling machines,naturally, the price of these machines is different and uncertain. What’s more, we can customize cashew nut shelling machine for customers according to their actual conditions, so the customization cost needs to be determined according to our actual material cost, technicians' verification and so on. But we promise that no matter which kinds of machine the customer wants to buy, we will sell it to the customer with the best price and quality.
We warmly hope that Indian customers can cooperate with us! Email: wendy@machinehall.com
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