icoErnens Raisin Cleaning Washing Process Machine

Ernens Raisin Cleaning Washing Process Machine

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Machine Features
Brief introduction of Ernens Raisin Cleaning Machine:
This raisin washing process is used to clean raisin, removing and separating some of the stones or heavy objects doped in the raisin. The  ernens raisin washing machine is also suitable for effective cleaning and grading of seeds from all crops, such as wheat, quinoa, sesame, barley, corn, millet, sunflower, soybean, flower seeds, etc. This raisin cleaning machine can be widely used in food processing production line, hospital, school and factory.
The ernens raisin washing machine consists of feeder, elevator, stone remover, raisin washing machine, roasting machine and cooling machine.
ernens raisin washing machine
Working principle of Raisin Washing Process Machine:
1.When the material enters the tank, high pressure water flow and strong bubbles will completely disperse, tumble, clean and transfer the material.
2.The dust on the surface of raisins will sink to the bottom of the isolation tank and will not cause secondary pollution due to backflow.
Small insects and debris floating on the surface of the water will be collected by the net, and the overflow will send them to the low-water nylon bag.
4.Wash the material with water spray and proceed to the next step.
5.There is a blowing device at the end of the conveyor, which blows off the materials on the belt, and it is forbidden to return to the washing tank.
6.The machine can also be connected with a washing machine to remove the dirt on the surface of the product
Advantages of Raisin Washing Process Machine:
1.The ernens raisin washing machine uses advanced ultrasound and foam shock waves to wash, clean and sterilize raisins, kill harmful bacteria, and break down pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables.
2.This raisin cleaning machine can imitate human washing movement to avoid collision or friction damage caused by machine washing.
3.The work efficiency will be improved, because this ernens raisin washing machine will turn the manual into a mechanized process, which will greatly save the cost
4.This raisin washing process has huge application. It also can be widely used in cleaning fresh vegetables, fruits, pickled vegetables, sea products of fungus, etc.
5.The raisin washing equipment is made of food-grade stainless steel, which will not damage the nutritional structure of raisins and will not cause harm to human body.
6.The raisin washing machine has high cleaning efficiency because of rotary brush and high pressure shower washing together.
ernens raisin washing machine
Our service for Raisin Washing Process Machine:
1.The warranty period of the raisin washing machine is one year.
2.We can provide overseas engineer service.
3.We can provide technical support by phone, email or video at any time.
4.We promise the customer that we will repair the product as soon as possible if there is any problem during the warranty period.
If you want to know information about the raisin washing machine ,please fell free to contact us.
Machine Technical Data
Name Power
Penumatic Elevator 1.5 2000*800*3000 260
Sesame Cleaner Machine 0.75 2700*600*1650 350
Sesame Dryer Machine 1.5 1000*800*900 150

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