icoSmall Chocolate Enrobing Machine For Sale

Small Chocolate Enrobing Machine For Sale

  • MOQ: 1 Set
  • Brand: Longer Machinery
  • Supply Ability: 100 Set/Month
  • Pay Method: WEST UNION L/C T/T CASH
  • Loading Port: Qingdao Shanghai Port
Machine Features
Introduction of Small Chocolate Enrobing Machine:
The small chocolate enrobing machine is mainly used for enrobing chocolate paste on the surface of various foods, such as candy, cake, wafer, fruit and so on. You can choose to coat on each surface of the food, or you can choose to coat on the underside of the food.And the chocolate machine is now on sale with the most attractive price.
Chocolate Enrobing Machine
Advantages of Chocolate Enrobing Machine For Sale:
1.This new type of chocolate enrober machine has been continuously improved and carefully designed by our factory. The appearance has been consistent with similar equipment in Europe and America, and it is more beautiful and humanized.
2.The sealing and sealing plates of the machine are simple and intuitive, and the whole machine can be fully automatic, so the operation is very flexible and convenient.
3.The design of the material cylinder is lighter and more flexible, and it is easy to clean without leaving a dead angle;
4.The streamlined design of the hood of the machine makes the cooling more uniform and effective. The evaporator is specially designed to effectively reduce the humidity of the cold passage and better ensure the quality of the chocolate.
5.The machine can be coated with chocolate sauce on the surface of the food, or it can be coated on one side, which can meet different needs of food.The enrobing area is controlled by wind speed and vibration to control the thickness of the coating on the surface
6.The conveyor belt of the machine is equipped with an automatic correcting device, and the whole machine is controlled by a PLC touch screen.
7.The length of the whole enrobing machine for sale can be adjusted according to customer needs.
Chocolate Enrobing Machine

Combination configuration of Chocolate Enrobing Machine:
This chocolate enrober machine for sale can be equipped with an automatic feeding mechanism, which can reduce personnel operations and increase production efficiency.
1.Configure the pull-out mechanism to apply a different color curve pattern on the surface of the coated chocolate to improve the product grade.
2.Configure the spreading mechanism to sprinkle peanut crumb or sesame and other crispy nut granules on the coated chocolate surface to increase the taste.
Our service for Chocolate Enrobing Machine For Sale:
1.We can help customers debug and install the machine for free, and provide free operation training guidance for customers.The warranty period for this machine is 12 months from the date of installation.
2.All repaired and damaged spare parts are free during the warranty period. After the warranty period, we will sell the parts to customers with the best price .
3.We support 24-hour hotline services, as well as email and video communications.
4.Engineers can make machine adjustments and maintenance at any time if needed.
Contact me if you have interested in the small chocolate enrobing machine.
Machine Technical Data
Model LGTYJ400 LGTYJ600 LGTYJ800 LGTYJ1000 LGTYJ1200 LGTYJ1500
Conveyor Belt Width (mm) 400 600 800 1000 1200 1500
Operation Speed (m/min) 0-10 0-10 0-10 0-10 0-10 0-10
Cooling Tunnel Temperature 0-8 0-8 0-8 0-8 0-8 0-8
Cooling Tunnel Length(m) Customize Customize Customize Customize Customize Customize
Outside Dimension (mm) Lx800x1860 Lx1000x1860 Lx1200x1860 Lx1400x1860 Lx1600x1860 Lx1900x1860

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