icoPeanut Groundnut Sheller and Stone Cleaner Machine

Peanut Groundnut Sheller and Stone Cleaner Machine

  • MOQ: 1 Set
  • Brand: Longer Machinery
  • Supply Ability: 100 Set/Month
  • Pay Method: WEST UNION L/C T/T CASH
  • Loading Port: Qingdao Shanghai Port
Machine Features
Introduction of Peanut Sheller Machine:
This set of peanut groundnut sheller and stone cleaner machine can clean and shell peanuts at one time.This machine has the characteristics of large output and small loss. The model of this machine is different, it is worth your choice.We have different models of peanut groundnut sheller machine according to customers' requirements of capacity. 
Peanut Groundnut Sheller Machine
Advantages of Groundnut Stone Cleaner Machine:
1.This peanut groundnut shelling machine has high quality and stable performance.
2.This machine is easy to operate and maintain, and customers can easily complete the maintenance work under our technical guidance.
3.The machine adopts the most advanced technology, with high peeling rate and low cracking rate
4.This machine adopts manual feeding, the cylinder is peeled off, and the secondary air separation (the first wind separation, proportional separation and manual picking) handpicked peanut kernels can be sacked
5.This groundnut stone cleaner machine has the features of good impurities removal effect, large handling capacity and labor saving.
6.This machine is the most suitable for farmers, and it is the advanced machinery equipment in the field of peanut production
7.One set of machine can complete two tasks, which greatly reduce the time cost and investment.
8.This peanut stone cleaner machine uses a specially designed blower with wind distribution, which can effectively separate seeds and shells and optimize seed recovery.
Peanut Groundnut Sheller  Machine
About delivery of the Groundnut Stone Cleaner Machine:
1.Firstly we put all the machine parts into a strong wooden crate, and then put them into the container if necessary. Once dealing with the container, our employees are always serious and professional, making sure our customers can safely see their machines.
2.We can ship by sea, express and other methods according to actual conditions and requirements.
Our service for Peanut Stone Cleaner Machine:
1.One year warranty
2.24 hours online to solve any problem; And we provide you with English manuals and technical support, maintain and install video to help you solve problems, or send workers to your factory.

Peanut Sheller working video for you.
Machine Technical Data
Model LG-4500B
Capacity 4500KG/H
Nut Shelling Rate More than 98%
Breaking Rate Less than 3%
Loss Rate Less than 0.5%
Damage Rate Less than 2.8%
Impurity Rate Less than 2%
Power 7.5KW, Grade 6; 7.5KW, Grade 2; 3KW, Grade 4
Dimension 3130*1550*3420mm
Weight 1510KG

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