icoBadam Pista Slice Cutting Machine Low Price

Badam Pista Slice Cutting Machine Low Price

  • MOQ: 1 Set
  • Brand: Longer Machinery
  • Supply Ability: 100 Set/Month
  • Pay Method: WEST UNION L/C T/T CASH
  • Loading Port: Qingdao Shanghai Port
Machine Features
Brief introduction of Badam Pista Slicer:
The badam pista slice cutting machine is widely used to slice different kinds of nuts, such as almonds, peanuts, cashews and pistachios.The badam pista slice cutting machine we produced has low price and good quality. Recently years, the badam pista cutting machine is a popular equipment in the food processing industry, which can process sweets, pastries and other foods.
badam pista slicer
Advantages of Almond Pista Slice Cutting Machine:
1.This almond pista slice cutting machine is a multifunctional machine, which can be suitable for many kinds of nuts slice. A single machine can meet many of your needs.
2.The cutting thickness of nuts in this machine is easy to adjust, 0.05-1.2mm. At the same time, we can also customize it according to other requirements of customers.
3.This badam pista cutting machine adopts high quality food standard stainless steel material, which meets the national standard.
4.This machine uses high-quality cutting blade and has a long service life. If no accident occurs, the blade can work normally within 5-6 years. And blade replacement is so easy that you only need to follow the instructions in the manual for a moment.
5.This machine can operate fully automatic, and the noise when the machine is running is small, which will not cause environmental pollution
6.More importantly, the machine has a low price, which can save your equipment investment.
Precautions of Badam Pista Cutting Machine:
1.The machine can be tested and cut before working, and the specifications of the finished product can be confirmed, otherwise the blades need to be replaced.
2.Always lubricate all parts of the machine and blades, otherwise they will rust easily
3.Select materials before feeding, avoid mixing small stones and other debris, and damage the machine
badam pista slicer
Our service for Badam Pista Slicer:
1.The badam pista cutting machine purchased in our company is guaranteed to keep in good repair condition within one year. If there is any quality problem during the warranty period, our company will repair it free of charge.
2.Before sending the machine, we will test and adjust it so that you can use it directly when you get the machine. Operating both video and instructions are sent to customers to help them better use the machine.
3.Besides, our company also provides life-long technical support and accessories. If your machine needs to be replaced, you can contact us and we will sell it at a favorable price.
4.After-sales service is not subject to time limit. If you have some problems when using our products, please feel free to contact us at any time. We will solve your problem in time.
Our badam pista slice cutting machine is hot selling machine with low price, if you have demand for it, you can contact us!
Machine Technical Data
Model LGQP--2
Voltage 220/380V
Power 1.5kw
Air pressure 0.3MPA
Blade speed 100-700rpm/min
Slicing thickness 0.05-1.2mm
Slice output 50-300kg/h
Weight 170kg
Dimension 900*550*1900mm

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