How Are Almonds Sliced Commercially

By:Ellie Time:July-27,2018
Almond slices can be used in many food processes, such as decorating or adding them to cookies, cakes and other productions.Then these productions will be sold to gain economic benefits. But do you know how are almonds sliced commercially? Nowadays, people always use the commercial almond nut slice cutting machine to slice the almond. Today I want to tell you more information about how are almonds sliced commercially and the almond slice cutting machine.
how are almonds sliced commercially
First of all, I would like to tell you how does an almond slicer work.
The almond nut slice cutting machine is equipped with a pneumatic feed system and a slicing system. The nuts are placed in the feeder, and the pneumatic system presses the nuts into the feeder. Then the blade will slice the almonds into the slices automatically.
Next,I’d like to tell you the advantages of the almond cutting machine.
1.This almond slicer can be used to cut nuts, either alone or with other machines to form a processing line working 
2.The kernels can be cut in their own thickness to meet the different sizes and varieties of almonds 
3.This machine is made of high quality stainless steel material with beautiful appearance 
4.This machine uses imported cutting blade, long service life, and the replacement is very simple, and the customer can also customize the blade 
5.The power of almond slicer is small, the speed of slicing is fast and the capacity is large, which can save energy and resources 
6.We supply directly from the factory, the price is the best, which can reduce the cost of customer input.
how are almonds sliced commercially
Next I'd like to share few maintenance items and matters need attention with you.
1.Every time the tool is cleaned or the parts that come in contact with the food are cleaned, dry cloth is used to dry the water before assembling it on the machine
2.The tool shaft needs oil to be lubricated and maintained. If the tool is blunt, it can be removed and polished
3.Add oil to the deceleration wave box every half a year, and add oil to the bearings, chains, gears and other rotating parts of the machine every quarter.
4.After using the machine, please make sure that the power supply of the machine is turned off before cleaning and cleaning the circuit part of the machine. 
5.Please pay attention to the sharp parts such as cutting tools when you remove and wash the machine.
Above are all I want to tell you about the machine and how are almonds sliced commercially. Our company provides the best quality almond nut slice cutting machine to every guests. And if you want to know about how does an almond slicer work, You can contact us, we can also provide you with the video to help you!
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