icoCommercial Kaju Cashew Nut Processing Machine Industrial

Commercial Kaju Cashew Nut Processing Machine Industrial

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  • Brand: Longer Machinery
  • Supply Ability: 100 Set/Month
  • Pay Method: WEST UNION L/C T/T CASH
  • Loading Port: Qingdao Shanghai Port
Machine Features
Our company has the complete kaju cashew nut processing machine which is designed by our professional engineer. The industrial cashew nut processing machine mainly consists of cashew grading machine,cashew shelling machine,cashew shell kernel separator machine,cashew peeling machine.
Working processing of Cashew Nut Processing Equipment:
1.The difference in growth size of cashew nuts is uneven. In order to increase the rate of shell opening, the cashew nuts should be divided into 3 - 5 grades by using cashew grading equipment.
2.The hoist and conveyor transport the graded cashew nuts to the cashew nut opener
3.We have automatic cashew nut shelling machine and semi-automatic cashew nut shelling machine. The cashew nut shelling machine has high efficiency and good performance. High peeling rate and low breaking rate.
4.After the cashew nuts are shelled, they will be transported to the shell kernel separator. The cashew nut shell separator uses the vibration principle to vibrate the material in the sieve body, and separates the shell from the inner core through the sieve, and the shell will remain on the upper layer, and the inner core will remain below.
5.The cashew nuts separated from the shell kernel will be transported to the cashew peeler. The machine uses a pneumatic principle that does not cause damage to the cashews when peeled. Cashew nuts can be peeled off using equipment without water treatment, and the peeling rate is over 95%.
6.The skinned cashews can be further processed into a variety of foods.
cashew nut processing machine
Advantages of Cashew Nut Processing Machine:
1.The cashew processing industry is a versatile production line that is equally suitable for other types of nuts. (The specific scope of application is subject to availability)
2.This cashew processing industry can be fully automated and can reduce a lot of manpower
3.This kaju processing machine can also be used with cashew roasting machine, cashew nut chopping machine, packaging machine,etc.,which greatly saves equipment investment.
4.The machine of this kaju processing machine can be customized according to the actual requirements of customers to meet the special needs of customers.
Our service for Cashew Nut Processing Machine:
1.Our warranty period is one year.We promise the customer that if the product has problems during the warranty period, we will repair the product within 10 days and provide necessary parts support.
2.We can provide overseas engineer services.
3.We have professional customer service staff. If you have any questions about the machine, please feel free to contact us through the chatting tool at any time.
If you are looking for the cashew nut processing machine,you can communicate with me for more information.
Machine Technical Data
Name Specific
cashew grading machine Capacity:400kg/h
cashew shelling machine
Size: 1*0.7*0.9M
Weight: 200KG
Capacity: 80-100KG
Voltage: 380/220V/50HZ
cashew shell kernel separator machine Size:1.9*0.8*1.4M
Power: 1.1 kw  
Voltage: 380v/50HZ
Capacity: 500kg/h    
Weight: 140kg
cashew peeling machine
Capacity: 100-150kg
Weight: 70kg   
Size: 640*600*1300mm

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