icoCocoa Powder Processing Machine Manufacturing Plant

Cocoa Powder Processing Machine Manufacturing Plant

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Machine Features
Introduction of Cocoa Powder Processing Plant:
This cocoa powder manufacturing plant is specific designed for processing cocoa powder. The cocoa powder production line contains cocoa roasting machine, cocoa peeling machine, cocoa bean grinding machine, cocoa oil press machine, oil cake crushing machine and cocoa powder making machine, which is quite essential for cocoa manufacturers to maintain high quality products.
cocoa powder manufacturing plant
Working processing of Cocoa Powder Processing Plant:
roasting - peeling machine - grinding - oil press - crusher - grinding (universal crusher) - powder packaging machine
Brief introduction of main machine:
1.Cocoa Roasting Machine
The machine is mainly used for baking cocoa beans. The machine adopts drum design with simple operation, energy-saving, safe and effective features. Since the machine has an automatic temperature controller, the working temperature can be controlled well.
2.Cocoa Peeling Machine
This cocoa peeling machine is a special equipment for processing cocoa beans. It has high degree of automation, high stripping rate, low noise, no pollution and other characteristics. This machine is a vacuum cleaner, can absorb cocoa bean skin and peanut red coat, it is the ideal choice for food processing industry.
The machine setting function of this equipment is dehulled. Unshell and polish once. The peeling rate is 98% and has no damage to the cocoa beans. The equipment has low energy consumption, convenient operation and maintenance, equipped with a vacuum fan, no dust outside.
3.Cocoa Bean Grinding Machine
This industrial cocoa bean grinding machine is a versatile machine used in cocoa butter, sesame paste, soy milk, cream, jam, etc. It can amke butter by cutting, milling, high frequency vibration grinding cocoa beans.
The machine has compact structure, stable work, low noise, rust - proof, easy to clean and maintain.
4.Cocoa Oil Press Machine
The cocoa oil press machine is widely used in most raw materials, such as cocoa bean, soybean, sesame, peanut, corn germ, sunflower seed, cocoa bean, rapeseed, palm kernel, etc.
The machine is fully automatic. Compared with other oil presses, the cocoa oil press machine is the simplest oil press with the highest oil production and the most durable wear parts.
5.Oil Cake Crushing Machine
This machine is used in the preparation process as a special equipment for coarse crushing cocoa beans. It can crush hard and tough materials such as plastics and rubber. In particular, it is not limited by the viscosity, hardness, softness and fiber shape of the material, and has a good effect on it.
6.Cocoa Powder Making Machine
The cocoa powder making machine uses the wind wheel type high-speed rotary cutting machine and fixed cutting machine to crush the cocoa beans, accompanied by strong indoor air flow, so that the finished products through the screen cooling. Particle size can be achieved by changing the sieve. The machine has high yield, fine grain size, low noise, low energy consumption, simple maintenance, and easy to install, 
cocoa powder processing plant
Our service for Cocoa Powder Manufacturing Plant:
1.We are a sales team with all the technical support from the engineering team. We value every inquiry sent to us to ensure fast competitive offers.
2.We incorporate your order into our tight production schedule to ensure your on-time delivery.
3.We respect your feedback after receiving the goods.
4.We guarantee the goods for 12-24 months after arrival. We guarantee that all spare parts will be available for life use.
This cocoa powder processing plant is really efficient for processing cocoa beans. And we sincerely hope that we we can cooperate with you !
Machine Technical Data
Model Specification
1.Roasting machine Gas volume:2-3kg/h
2. Bean peeling machine Model:GGPT-300
Power:1.5kw+0.75kw, 380V,50HZ
3.Grinding machine Output size(mesh):100-200
4. Oil Press Machine Pressure:60Mpa
Piston stroke:550mm
Feeding Diameter:230mm
Capacity(Per time):7-8kg
Heating power:1kw
Hydraylic Motor power:1.5kw,380V
Nominal pressure:2200KN
5.Cake crushing machine Capacity:200kg/h
Inter diameter:300*210mm
6.Powder Making Machine Capacity(kg/h):100-300kg/h
Revolution of spindle:3400r/min
Size of fed material (mm):12
Grinding Size:60-120 mesh
Crusher motor:11kw
Cleaner motor:0.75kw
Dimension (mm):600*700*1450
Weight (kg):320

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