icoIndustrial Chocolate Production Line

Industrial Chocolate Production Line

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Machine Features
Introduction of Industrial Chocolate Production Line:
The industrial chocolate production line is the latest machine developed by our company. Compared to other production lines that produce chocolate, our industrial chocolate production line has reduced cooling water and space requirements, and processing time is greatly reduced because the grinding and liquid refining processes can run simultaneously. Thanks to its modular design, the factory layout is perfectly adapted to your current needs. And our line can also include chocolate packaging machines, chocolate wrappers, chocolate coating machines, etc. In addition to producing standard chocolate, it can also produce special oatmeal cereal chocolate and other kinds of chocolate.
chocolate production line
The whole chocolate production line mainly includes chocolate melting machine, sugar grinding machine, chocolate ball milling machine, chocolate storage tank, chocolate temperate machine, chocolate moulding machine and chocolate cooling tunnel. 

1.Chocolate melting machine
Chocolate melting machine is the main equipment for producing melted fat in chocolate production. It is mainly used to melt solid cocoa butter and cocoa liquid block into liquid. The temperature during melting should not exceed 60 degrees. The heat preservation time after melting should be shortened as much as possible.
2.Sugar grinding machine
The sugar grinding machine is used to crush and grind sugar into fine powder, so that the structure of the product will become fine and smooth, and at the same time, it will affect the taste and sweetness of chocolate to some extent. Therefore, the granulated sugar should be first pulverized into a certain fineness, which is beneficial to the mixing, fine grinding and refining of the materials, and can make the fineness of the material uniform.
3.Chocolate ball milling machine
The chocolate ball milling machine has a large output and is specially adapted for chocolate processing plants. Fine grinding is to make each part of the chocolate plasmid small and eat very fine. Fine grinding can mix the powdered sugar and chocolate paste evenly, which is convenient for the chocolate to be fragrant, so that the chocolate has uniform and comfortable characteristics.
4.Chocolate storage tank
The chocolate storage tank can be connected with the chocolate ball milling machine by chocolate delivery pump. The machine is a double jacketed cylinder body, which can be insulated by hot and cold water or by electric heating. By keeping warm and stirring, the water content in the chocolate paste can be reduced and the fluidity of the chocolate can be increased.
5.Chocolate temperate machine
The chocolate paste is liquid after refining and should be treated by a tempering process before it is converted to a solid state. This chocolate temperate machine can crystallize the cocoa butter in the chocolate paste to form a stable β crystal, which is expressed in a bright luster, and can also extend the shelf life of the product.
6.Chocolate moulding machine
There are many kinds of chocolate moulding machine can be choose, the different moulding machine can mould different types of chocolate or chocolate products. Customers can choose the most suitable one according to their needs,
7.Chocolate cooling tunnel
After the chocolate material is injected into the model tray, it should be effectively cooled before it can be solidified and demolded. The chocolate cooling tunnel can quickly cool the chocolate in the model pan. There are two main types of this machine including horizontal moving type and hanging basket type of chocolate cooling tunnels.
chocolate production line
As a industrial chocolate production line supplier, our machines not only has the best quality and efficiency, but the price of the chocolate production line is the most favorable!
 We are looking forward to cooperating with you!
Machine Technical Data
Chocolate Fat Melting Machine
Model TRYG240
Material Stainless Steel
Capacity 240L
Pump power 0.2KW
Electric heating power 6KW
Net weight 180kg
Dimension 1600×800×900mm
Sugar Grinding Machine
Model TFTJ250
Capacity 250kg/h
Total Power 9KW
Dimension 1100×750×1800mm
Net weight 420kg
Feeding Granularity Size 0.5-2mm
Average Grain 150-180µm
Rotation Rate 3800r/min
Chocolate conche machine
Model TJMJ500
Capacity 500L
Main motor power 11KW
Regulating motor power 1.5KW
Electric heating power 6KW
Dimension 2000×1860×1250mm
Net weight 2800kg
Fine Grinding Granularity 20-25µm
Chocolate storage tank
Model TBWG500
Material Stainless Steel
Capacity 500L
Main motor power 1.5KW
Electric heating power 4KW
Dimension Φ1000×1380mm
Net weight 600kg
Chocolate moulding machine
Model TQJJ150
Capacity 100-200kg/h
Power 7.47KW
Quantity of mould 275×175×30mm
Net weight 500kg
Dimension 4300×520×1500mm
Chocolate cooling tunnel
Model TLSD400
Material Stainless Steel
Temperature of cooling tunnel 5-10℃
Main motor 1.5KW
Net weight 2500kg
Dimension 5400×1230×1930mm
Cooling compressor 5HP
Chocolate pump
Model SJB-32
Material Stainless Steel
Flow Rate 32L/min
Power 1.5KW
Dimension 780×390×350mm
Net weight 120kg
Chocolate pump(speed adjustable)
Model SJB-25
Material Stainless Steel
Flow Rate 25L/min
Power 0.75KW
Dimension 700×300×350mm
Net weight 105kg
Material Double layer stainless steel
Dimension 275×175×30mm

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