icoAutomatic Efficiency Chocolate Depositing Machine Manufacturer

Automatic Efficiency Chocolate Depositing Machine Manufacturer

  • MOQ: 1 Set
  • Brand: Longer Machinery
  • Supply Ability: 100 Set/Month
  • Pay Method: WEST UNION L/C T/T CASH
  • Loading Port: Qingdao Shanghai Port
Machine Features
Introduction of Chocolate Depositing Machine:
Our company is one of the most professional chocolate depositing machine manufacturer.The chocolate depositing machine our company provided can be operated automatically with the high efficiency. The chocolate depositing equipment is mainly used for chocolate deposit forming.And we have many kinds of chocolate depositing machine such as single head chocolate depositing machine,double head chocolate depositing machine and so on,which can meet the different production needs and requirements of customers.
chocolate depositing machine manufacturer
Producing process and application of Chocolate Depositing Machine:
The machine's production process includes mold heating, chocolate deposition, mold vibration, mold transfer, cooling and demoulding. 
This series chocolate depositing machine has been widely used in the production of pure solid chocolate, center-filled chocolate, two-color chocolate, granulated mixed chocolate, biscuit chocolate, etc.
Advantages of Chocolate Depositing Equipment:
1.The chocolate depositing machine adopts fully automatic PLC control, and the working performance is stable and reliable. The powerful control system not only minimizes maintenance costs and product contamination, but also achieves a more stable and larger casting.
2.The chocolate depositing machine adopts advanced remote control system, which enables us to modify system parameters, diagnosis and troubleshooting online, which is not only simple and fast, but also cost-effective.
3.This chocolate depositing machine can also be equipped with many manufacturing equipment, such as automatic cookie feeders, automatic sprinklers, etc. Customers can select these additional devices accordingly and add or change additional devices for new products as needed.
4.High-profile production lines can combine a variety of parts that can be separated and recombined with other parts to create another line for different products.
5.The machine is protected by a safe plastic rail. The chain does not come into contact with the spilled chocolate and meets the overall food hygiene requirements.
6.We are chocolate depositing machine manufacturer, we can provide all parts of the machine for a long time,so that can extend the service life of the machine.
chocolate depositing machine manufacturer
Our service for Chocolate Depositing Equipment:
pre-sale service
1.We will guide you to choose the most suitable chocolate depositing machine for your project.When signing the contract, we will notify the power supply voltage and frequency.
3.We will have conduct comprehensive testing and adjustment before shipment according to customer requirements.
After sales service:
1.We can always provide technical services.
2.If necessary, we can provide installation and on-site training services for you. The cost of installation and commissioning for technicians includes round-trip airfare, inland transportation, accommodation and boarding fees on the buyer's account.
3.Standard operation warranty of the chocolate depositing machine is one year. We can provide lifetime technical support.The service fee applies to incorrect operation or man-made damage.
As experienced chocolate depositing machine manufacturer,our chocolate depositing machine has the most favorable price and best quality.if you have demand for the chocolate depositing machine,you can contact me!
Machine Technical Data
Chocolate Depositing Machine
Model LGTQJJ150
Capacity 100-200kg/h
Power 7.47KW
Quantity of mould 275×175×30mm
Net weight 500kg
Dimension 4300×520×1500mm

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