icoChocolate Bean Ball Forming Machine Manufacturer Wholesale Price

Chocolate Bean Ball Forming Machine Manufacturer Wholesale Price

  • MOQ: 1 Set
  • Brand: Longer Machinery
  • Supply Ability: 100 Set/Month
  • Pay Method: WEST UNION L/C T/T CASH
  • Loading Port: Qingdao Shanghai Port
Machine Features
Introduction of Chocolate Bean Forming Machine:
Our company is a professional chocolate bean ball forming machine manufacturer in China.And our chocolate chocolate ball machine is on sale at wholesale price.The chocolate bean forming machine produces small-sized chocolate beans by double-roller direct cold forming, such as spheres, egg shapes, MM beans, and the like. And the chocolate bean making machine has the characteristics of high production efficiency, accurate measurement, good density and good taste.The machine is equipped with two sets of molds, each of which can work alone. It can produce two different shapes of products at the same time.
Working principle of Chocolate Bean Making Machine:
The wholesale price chocolate ball machine mainly includes cold rolls, conveyor systems, cooling systems, cooling systems, separators and other parts.
The chocolate paste is cast on the surface of the mold by means of an automatic loading device, and the mold is operated under refrigeration to form the chocolate slurry instantaneously (from liquid to solid) and automatically fed into the cooling tunnel by the conveyor belt for further shaping.
Chocolate Bean Making Machine
Advantages of the Chocolate Bean Forming Machine:
1.The chocolate bean forming machine uses automatic control system, machine, power, pneumatic perfect combination, easy to operate, high production efficiency;
2.The machine uses the most advanced motor in the country, faster than other similar equipment, quiet when working, and very energy efficient;
3.We can according to the different needs of customers, the machine can be equipped with single or double-head castings to meet different product shapes or color varieties.
4.The chocolate bean making is completely enclosed, avoiding personnel exposure to lower food hygiene standards and meeting food hygiene standards.
5.It has little effect on ambient temperature and humidity and is the perfect series for many chocolate factories.
6.This chocolate ball machine has the advantages of low power, large capacity, good taste, high safety, convenient operation and high degree of automation.
7.Voltage is not a problem, we can make according to customer's requirements, or we can carry out different capacity according to customer's requirements.
Our service for Chocolate Bean Making Machine:
1.This machine is warranted for one year. We will provide the necessary technical support if the machine fails within one year.  And our company will provide customers with various parts at the best price for a long time,which will not affect the daily operation of the machine.
2.Our experienced engineers can customize the machine according to customer requirements.
3.We provide 24-hour technical support service via email and mobile phone.
4.We can also design free layouts for our customers, detail our machines, and provide installation guides and local team training.
If yo have demand for our chocolate bean making machine,you can contact me for actual price.
Machine Technical Data



Roller Length(mm)



 Conveyor Belt Width(mm)



 Roller Revolution Speed(round/min)



Layers of Cooling Tunnel



 Production Capacity(kg/h)



 Whole Machine Power(kw)



Outside Dimension(mm)



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