icoCommercial Peanut Drum Roasting Machine for Sale

Commercial Peanut Drum Roasting Machine for Sale

  • MOQ: 1 Set
  • Brand: Longer Machinery
  • Supply Ability: 100 Set/Month
  • Pay Method: WEST UNION L/C T/T CASH
  • Loading Port: Qingdao Shanghai Port
Machine Features

Introduction  of  Commercial Peanut Roasting Machine:
This Commercial Peanut Drum Roasting Machine is suitable for roasting chestnuts, peanuts, melon seeds, walnuts and dozens of other nut food. This drum roasting machine has many uses, with environmental protection, heat insulation, energy saving, hygiene and other performance advantages.This peanut roasting machine for sale is the most advanced in the world witht a favourable price.
Peanut Drum Roasting Machine

 Advantages of Commercial Peanut Roasting Machine:
1. The drum roasting machine can use electricity or gas as heating energy.
2. The whole process of rolling, roasting and releasing is automatic.
3. Advanced horizontal rollers allow them to heat evenly while maintaining temperature, and nuts do not cool quickly.
4. The rolling direction is adjustable and can roll in the direction of clock and counter.
5. You just press the button to change the rolling direction to the opposite direction, and the nut will come out when it is baked.
6.The price is competitive, the design is beautiful, the performance is the best, and the quality is good.

Application of Commercial Peanut Roasting Machine:
This drum roasting machine can be used for drying and roasting various kinds of nuts such as chestnuts, walnuts, peanut, almond, beans, coffee beans, melon seeds and other granular material.

Commercial Peanut Drum Roasting Machine

Our service for the  Drum Roasting Machine:
1.We have an experienced service team.If you have any questions or difficulties about our commercial peanut roasting machine, please contact us.  We will answer all your questions as soon as possible.
2.We have our own factory, which can customize the products according to your requirements.
3.We have many years export experience and can provide production, inspection and transportation service. And we have won a high reputation all over the world.
4. The warranty period of all goods is one year. We have good after-sales service

This peanut roasting machine is for sale with good quality. And any question or anything else we can help, please feel free to contact us any time!

Machine Technical Data
Model LGMHK-2
Dimension(mm) 3000*2200*1700
Output(kg/h) 180—250
Motor Power(kw) 2.2
Electrical Heating(kw) 35
Gas Heating(kg) 3-6

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