icoCommercial Spice Powder Grinding Machine Manufacturer Price

Commercial Spice Powder Grinding Machine Manufacturer Price

  • MOQ: 1 Set
  • Brand: Longer Machinery
  • Supply Ability: 100 Set/Month
  • Pay Method: WEST UNION L/C T/T CASH
  • Loading Port: Qingdao Shanghai Port
Machine Features
Our company is a professional food industry manufacturer, which is committed to producing and selling machines to clients with good quality and reasonable price. This commercial spice grinding machine is a hot selling machine of our company in recent years, Which is mainly used for grinding materials. 
commercial spice grinding machine
Working principle of Commercial Spice Grinding Machine:
The spice grinding machine adopts the relative motion between the movable and fixed tooth plates. The raw materials to be broken are subjected to the combined action of teeth, friction and material impact, and finally the raw materials are crushed. It is characterized by simple structure, firm, stable operation and high crushing efficiency. The broken material can be discharged through the grinding chamber. In addition, different sizes of raw materials can be obtained by changing the screen mesh of different mesh.

Advantages of Commercial Spice Grinding Machine:
1.The whole spice grinding machine adopts stainless steel SUS304, which can meet national standards.
2.The machine has simple and strong structure, stable operation, low noise and high efficiency.
3.Particle size can be adjusted by using different screen holes to change the screen.
4.Different types of grinding and water-cooling systems can be matched
5.The machine can match the dust collection system (according to the requirements of consumers).
6.As manufacturers, our machines have the most favorable price and highest quality.
Application of Commercial Spice Grinding Machine:
This machine can be widely used in food, chemical, medicine or pharmacy, refractory, non-metal, abrasive, metallurgy, building materials and agriculture.
It can be used to grind all kinds of flat materials, such as spices, spices, pepper, pepper, pepper, fennel, ginger, garlic, coffee beans, cocoa beans, herbs or medicinal materials, tea, grain, wheat, corn, rice, soybeans, green beans, red beans, feed, tobacco, tea, dried vegetables, dried fruit, plastic powder, nylon powder, etc.
commercial spice grinding machine
Our service for Commercial Spice Grinding Machine:
1.The warranty period for failure caused by machine quality is one year.
2.The customer will be responsible for the failure caused by wrong operation and human problems. We will help solve the problem by email or with professional guidance from video.
3.If you need, we can provide you with professional technicians for installation, debugging and operation.
4.We can provide test and install video/CD, manual and toolbox together with the machine if required by the customer. And if you want, we can provide training courses for workers in your factory.
5.All the spare parts are made in our own factory, whenever you need, we can provide you with any of the spare parts at low price.
Machine Technical Data
Model LG--20B-C LG-30B-C LG40B-C LG60B
Capacity(kg/h) 60-150kg/h 100-300kg/h 160-800kg/h 500-1500kg/h
Revolution of spindle 4500r/min 3800r/min 3400r/min 2800r/min
Grinding size 10-200 mesh
Crusher motor 4kw 5.5kw 11kw 15kw
Cleaner motor 0.75kw
Dimension (mm) 550*600*1250 600*700*1450 800*900*1550 1000*900*1680
Weight (kg) 250 320 550 680

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