icoAutomatic Black Pepper Powder Grinding Machine

Automatic Black Pepper Powder Grinding Machine

  • MOQ: 1 Set
  • Brand: Longer Machinery
  • Supply Ability: 100 Set/Month
  • Pay Method: WEST UNION L/C T/T CASH
  • Loading Port: Qingdao Shanghai Port
Machine Features
Brief introduction of Black Pepper Powder Machine:
The black pepper grinding machine is a new designed machine in our company, which can work automatically. The machine is multifunctional, so it is suitable for grinding all kinds of materials efficiently. The configuration of the popper powder machine is very simple, all parts that contact with the material are made of stainless steel. 
black pepper grinding machine
Working principle of Black Pepper Powder Machine:
This machine adopts vertical crushing structure. Materials are fed into the crushing chamber through the hopper. Meanwhile, fixed knives and movable knives are cut and fixed. It is designed in accordance with the GMP standard, all made of stainless steel, so that processed food meet the national health requirements.
Application of Black Pepper Grinding Machine:
1.The black pepper grinding machine can be applied to various foods including sesame, walnut, rice, black rice, soybeans, green beans, peanuts, lotus seeds, corn, sorghum, barley, buckwheat, oats, etc.
2.Black pepper grinder machine is suitable to all kinds of dried herbs, including almonds,red jujube, sorghum, medlar, hawthorn,fleece-flower root, red bean, frankincense, d silk, Chinese angelica, nutmeg, ginseng, bitter melon, radish seed, reed root, cinnamon, forsythia, blue flower ginseng, two needles, etc.
3.The machine can be applied to various chemical materials, including coal, gypsum, salt and acid.
4.The machine can be used for various spices, pepper, prickly ash, star anise, cinnamon, locust, etc.
Advantages of Black Pepper Grinding Machine:
1.The parts in contact with the crushed objects are all made of stainless steel, with good corrosion resistance. 
2.The shell is complete and easy to clean. The inner walls are treated to achieve surface uniformity and smoothness, thus ensuring the production of materials such as medicine, food and chemicals more in line with national "GMP" standards.
black pepper grinding machine
Our service for Black Pepper Powder Machine:
We will provide our customers with considerate service to reduce their worries about the machine.
1.provide the civil engineering drawings of the equipment.
2.provide free training (including installation and maintenance) for each customer.
3.install and debug equipment to ensure stable operation of the dryer.
4.check the equipment regularly.
5.take the initiative to eliminate trouble on site.
6.distribute warranty parts from door to door.
7.provide technical exchanges and support.
8.provide maintenance for large items.
We provide one year’s warranty,and clients can pay for extended warranty.
We are looking forward to cooperation with you! 
Machine Technical Data
Model LG--20B-C LG-30B-C LG40B-C LG60B
Capacity(kg/h) 60-150kg/h 100-300kg/h 160-800kg/h 500-1500kg/h
Revolution of spindle 4500r/min 3800r/min 3400r/min 2800r/min
Grinding size 10-200 mesh
Crusher motor 4kw 5.5kw 11kw 15kw
Cleaner motor 0.75kw
Dimension (mm) 550*600*1250 600*700*1450 800*900*1550 1000*900*1680
Weight (kg) 250 320 550 680

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