icoHummus Grinding Making Machine Processing Equipment

Hummus Grinding Making Machine Processing Equipment

  • MOQ: 1 Set
  • Brand: Longer Machinery
  • Supply Ability: 100 Set/Month
  • Pay Method: WEST UNION L/C T/T CASH
  • Loading Port: Qingdao Shanghai Port
Machine Features
Hummus is a very delicious sauce, and the use of sauces to taste the staple food will add a lot of distinctive flavor. Hummus grinding machine is a professional machine to grind chickpea into butter. Do you want to know more about the hummus processing equipment? Now let me tell you more about the hummus grinding machine.
hummus grinding machine
This hummus processing equipment improved a lot based on the previous machine. We focused on materials for food processing and materials for structural materials inside the machine. We use different designs according to the characteristics of special processing materials to improve the processing fineness of materials, increase the output, and adjust the thickness of the grinding head design. At the customer's request, the diameter of the water circulation pipe increases, increasing the flow rate of the water, greatly reducing the temperature of the material, and making the taste of the product closer to nature.
The advantages of the hummus grinding machine:
1.Most materials of the hummus grinding machine are 304 stainless steel with beautiful appearance. What’s more, this stainless steel makes the product closer to nature and harmless to people.
2.The material barrel of this machine can be disassembled and replaced, which is easy and convenient to clean. So the product will be more healthier.
3.This hummus making machine can be used for grinding many kinds of butter not only hummus, such as peanut butter, walnut butter,cashew butter and other kinds of sauce.
4.This hummus grinding machine is made of high-quality materials, safe, stable and environmentally friendly. It is very energy-efficient and does not pollute the environment.
hummus grinding machine
Our service for the hummus grinding machine:
The warranty period of our company's machines is usually about one year (except in exceptional cases). During the warranty period, we are responsible for the damage caused by the design defect of the machine itself. We can provide the parts for free. If the machine is damaged by human factors and the user needs to be responsible for it, we will provide technical support.
We have a freight forwarder who has worked for a long time. We can try our best to deliver the commercial spice roaster safely to your port
And we have a professional team that can solve any problem you have online 24 hours a day. Your email will be answered within 12 hours. 
All above are what I want to show you. If you have any questions about the hummus grinding machine, you can contact us. Your satisfaction is our pursuit. We sincerely hope to cooperate with you.
Machine Technical Data
Model LGJMS-80
Capacity(kg/H) 70-100
Power(KW) 4
Voltage 220V/380V
Weight(Kg) 150
Dimension (mm) 400*410*930
Fineness 2-50 um

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