Wheat Cleaning Machine Sold To India

By:Ellie Time:August-16,2018
Congratulations to our wheat cleaning machine sold to India! Our wheat cleaning machine sold to India several days ago. Our wheat cleaning machine is really welcomed in India. And recently, there are many India guests coming to ask me for more information such as price, capacity and so on about the machine. Today I would like to introduce you the wheat cleaning machine price in India and other details about the machine.
Firstly, I want to have a brief introduction about the wheat cleaning machine.
The wheat cleaning machine is one of the main equipment for selecting wheat in the grain processing process. The machine uses a water washing method to remove the sand and the dirt on the surface of the wheat, which has good performance for cleaning the wheat. The wheat is washed with water and then dried into a dryer. This equipment is suitable for large, medium and small flour processing plants.
wheat cleaning machine price in india
Next I want to tell you the advantages about the wheat cleaning machine.
1.The wheat cleaning machine is low in energy efficiency and easy to operate.
2.The machine is small in size, light in weight and small in footprint, saving space.
3.The wheat cleaning machine is a versatile washing machine, which can be used for cleaning a variety of cereals.
4.The washing machine has stable working performance and can greatly reduce labor intensity.
Then I would like to tell you some operation instruments about the wheat cleaning machine.
1.When starting to operating the wheat cleaning machine, it should be idled before the nozzle can be opened to discharge water and the material can be evenly fed into the inlet. When stopping, the feeding should be stopped first, the water source should be cut off, and the material in the standby line should be drained before the shutdown device is closed.
2.According to the dry and wet degree of wheat and the soft and hard quality of wheat, particle size and other factors to adjust the washing process (also called the scouring process) and the water level in the water tank to achieve the purpose of regulating water volume. In general, wheat with a higher moisture content has a shorter washing course, and wheat with a lower moisture content has a longer washing course.
3.The water consumption of the wheat cleaning machine is generally 0.4~0.8 kg (water)/kg (wheat), but the wheat cleaning machine can also be mastered according to the pollution degree of the wheat and the dirty mixing degree of the water in the water tank. Water Consumption.
4.After the end of each shift, the sand and light impurities accumulated in the washing tank should be removed in time. The sewage discharged from the drain should be filtered to prevent the loss of wheat grains with water.
wheat cleaning machine
Finally ,about wheat cleaning machine price in India, the wheat cleaning machine has many different specifications to choose, so the price of the machine is uncertain. What’s more, the price on the website is for reference only. Due to the constant changes in the cost of raw materials, please consult us for the specific price.
If you are looking for the wheat cleaning machine, please contact us for actual price! Eamil: wendy@machinehall.com
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