Quality Raisin Washing Machine Packed To India

By:Ellie Time:August-16,2018
Our good quality raisin washing machine packed to India several weeks ago.The raisin washing machine is the technical washing machine for processing raisin, which is designed and produced by our company. And the raisin washing machine has been exported to many countries recently years. 
This time, the customer from India found us and told us that he want a machine to process raisin. Our staff recommended this raisin washing machine after knowing the customer's needs and actual conditions. And the our stuff sent this customer cleaning machine work video so that the customer can further understand our machine. Finally the Indian guest decided to sign the purchase contract with us after having a deep understanding of our raisin washing machine.
raisin washing machine in india
And do you also have interested in our raisin washing machine? If you do, now let me introduce the raisin washing machine to you.
First of all, let me tell you the structure and working principle of the raisin washing machine.
The raisin washing machine mainly contains two parts: raisin water tank and drying machine, which is also equipped with feeding, drainage, rotation, sand removal, ventilation and other auxiliary devices.
Part of the raisin water tank is mainly welded with steel plate, horizontal downward, one end is connected with the garbage can base, the other end is equipped with a rotary gear box, and the other end is equipped with a sewage discharge device.
Then I would like to tell you several operation instruments about the raisin washing machine.
1.When the machine is in operation, turn on the sprinkler head to release the water and feed the raisins evenly. When the machine stops, it should stop feeding, cut off the water source, and then close the machine when the material in the machine is emptied.
2.Inspection items: the moisture, sand content and crushing rate of raisins should be checked regularly. The water level should be adjusted in time according to the number of raisins
3.At the end of each shift, gravel and impurities stored in the tank should be cleaned in time. Filter the waste water from the filter to prevent useful raisins from escaping from the water.
4.Lubricate the machine on time to avoid machine rust and affect work efficiency.
5.Do not clean the motor and other parts of the machine when cleaning the machine to avoid damage to the machine.
Our company is a professional raisin washing machine manufacturer,we can produce the best quality cleaning machine.If you have interested in the raisin washing machine in India,you can communicate with us for more information.
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