Black Pepper Processing Machine Price

By:Ellie Time:July-25,2018
Black pepper is a very familiar spice, which is widely used in Chinese and western food. Pepper has a long history of spices and medicines. Black pepper can treat cold phlegm, food accumulation,nausea, vomiting water, diarrhea, cold dysentery, food poisoning and detoxification.in a word, it has many advantages. And how is pepper made? In a fact, the black pepper needs to be ground by using black pepper grinding machine. Our company is a professional producer to produce this machine with low price. Today I want to have a introduction of this black pepper grinding machine.
black pepper processing machine price
Firstly, I will introduce you how does this machine work.
The black pepper grinding machine consists of three parts: the main machine, the auxiliary machine and the electric control. The design is compact and the structure is reasonable. It is applicable to the pharmaceutical, chemical, pesticide and food industries, the use is extremely extensive. A grading mechanism is installed in the machine to enable pulverization and grading to be completed at one time. The negative pressure conveying causes the heat generated in the machine cavity to be continuously discharged during the pulverizing operation,which is also suitable for the pulverization of the heat sensitive material. 
Next I will tell you the advantages of the machine.
1.This machine is made entirely of stainless steel and is not easy to rust and durable, which is also easy to lean and maintain.
2.This machine is very simple to operate, and it can be operated normally when the switch is turned on.
3.The blade of the machine adopts imported material, the smashing effect is good, and the work efficiency is greatly improved.
4.This machine is a multifunctional machine, not only can crush pepper, but also can be used in medicine, chemical and other industries.
5.we have our own factory, so the price of the black pepper grinding machine is quite reasonable.
black pepper processing machine price
Finally, I will give you the some hearty instruments about the machine.
1.The electrical parts must have reliable grounding protection to prevent accidents.
2.When starting up, run for 10 minutes first. After normal, you can start to test and smash. Open first
3.The hopper gate allows the material to flow into the pulverizing chamber, and must be evenly placed during feeding. After smashing, the chamber must be cleaned to prevent cross-contamination.
4.The warranty of the machine is one year, and the warranty period is a quality problem. The company provides spare parts and maintenance for free. In case of man-made damage, the company charges a basic cost. The machine is maintained for life. After the warranty period, the corresponding fees will be charged according to the basic cost.
If you have demand for the black pepper grinding machine, please contact us, we will provide you good quality machine with the best price!
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