Peanut Peeling Machine Design and Fabrication

By:Ellie Time:July-26,2018
The peanut peeling machine is a specially designed machine for peeling the skin of peanuts. But do you know the design and fabrication of a peanut peeling machine? Today I'm going to talk about the peanut peeling machine design and fabrication.
Our company mainly has two kinds of peanut peeling machines, wet groundnut skin peeling machine and roasted peanut skin dry peeling machine. Both of the two machines have good performance and best design. Now let me tell you the detail design and fabrication of the two machines.
1.Wet Groundnut Skin Peeling Machine  Design and Fabrication 
This wet groundnut skin peeling machine is a necessary equipment for deep processing of peanut products. The design of the machine uses the most advanced technology, which has high quality.
Working principle of Wet Groundnut Skin Peeling Machine:
By vibration, The raw material enters the rotating rubber wheel fixed by the three power rollers , and then the raw material skin is cut by the blade on the tool holder by the action of the inducing strip and the feeding wheel. Finally the peeling rice, the kernel, and the peeling wheel are pressed into the hopper and discharged in the hopper, and the outer skin is pulled out through the suede wheel. After peeling, the surface of the kernel will not be damaged and the protein will not be damaged after peeling.
peanut peeling machine design
2.Roasted Peanut Skin Dry Peeling Machine  Design and Fabrication 
This dry method uses the pneumatic principle of peanut peeling machine, it can automatically remove the red skin of peanut, without any damage. The peanut peeling machine is reliable in quality, low in damage rate and good in performance. Peanuts need to be baked or dried before being put into a peeling machine. 
Working principle of Roasted Peanut Skin Dry Peeling Machine:
The peanut dry peeling machine design adopts the working principle of differential rolling friction transmission, and peels off when the moisture of peanuts is less than 5 percent after baking. After screening through the sieve, the exhaust system will suck away the epidermis, so that the whole peanut kernel, half peanut and broken peanut are separated, which has the advantages of stable performance, safety and reliability, high productivity, good peeling effect and low half-grain rate.
peanut peeling machine design
All above are our two mainly types of peanut peeling machine. Our company is committed to designing and selling various types of peanut peeling machines so that customers can choose according to their actual needs.No matter which kind of machine, the design of the machine is the best. If you have demand for peanut peeling machine, you can contact us!
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