Nut Roasting Machine For Sale Philippines

By:Ellie Time:July-23,2018
The nut roasting machine is a professional roasting equipment. It can be used to bake dozens of kinds of fried food, such as chestnuts, peanuts, melon seeds and so on.And the nut roasting machine we produce has green environmental protection, heat preservation and energy conservation, luxury and sanitation, saving labor and time, it is the most ideal and most advanced equipment for goods speculation at present. A guest from Philippines want to buy roasting machine and he found our company. After knowing his requirements and actual conditions about the roasting machine, we introduce him this nut roasting machine which combines roasting and cooling. He was so satisfied with our machine and signed contract with us. And now this nut roasting machine is very popular in Philippines, many guests from Philippines have come to buy our machine and are very satisfied with it. Now I would like to introduce this nut roasting machine for sale in Philippines.
nut roasting machine for sale
Our nut roasting machine for sale in Philippines is fully automatic and only needs to be operated by electricity. No gas burners or other heating elements are required. Our nut roasting machine use the latest technology. It blows hot air into the nuts to bake. This method can keep the aroma fresh and avoid discoloration due to heat, which is the best way to roast the nuts. And most importantly, this machine combines baking and cooling, which greatly reduce time and improve the efficiency. 
Next I want to introduce the working principle of this machine.
This machine adopts hot air and low temperature drying, it is a continuous baking equipment for batch production, and it is especially suitable for materials with low temperature requirements. The machine has high efficiency, fast drying speed, good quality of dehydration, low damage rate, and can be controlled at any time. Our factory also can process and customize the suitable baking machine according to the customer's baking demand.
nut roasting machine for sale
So What are the advantages of this nut roasting machine for sale in Philippines?
Firstly, this nut roasting machine is a new type of nut baking equipment, which integrates baking and cooling, greatly reducing time and saving money.And We have a variety of models for customers to choose, and users can choose the most suitable model according to different requirements. What’s more,the machine has high efficiency and good quality, and can meet customer's quality requirements The machine is made of high quality stainless steel material with beautiful appearance. The products produced are harmless to human body and meet the national health standards. Besides, We are the direct supplier of the factory, so the cost of customer purchase is low. We can also design and improve the machines according to the requirements of customers to meet their needs.
Are you looking for a nut roasting machine? Do you have interested in this nut roasting machine for sale in Philippines? If you do, please contact us for more information, we are looking forward to cooperating with you sincerely!
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