How Do You Make Hummus Out of Chickpeas Easily

By:Ellie Time:August-13,2018
Chickpeas are a nutritious food that many people like to eat. Especially, many people like to eat hummus.As a result, many factories will produce hummus in large quantities to meet people's consumption needs. But do you know how to grind chickpeas? How do you make hummus out of chickpeas? Now let me tell you how to make hummus easily step by step.
how to make hummus easy
The complete process mainly concludes six steps, cleaning,soaking,shelling,roasting and grinding.
The newly harvested chickpeas will be sent to the factory immediately. The chickpeas may be mixed with sand, small stones and other kinds of impurities. So we should to clean them up firstly to remove these impurities. Remember not to scratch the chickpeas when cleaning them up.
We should soaking the chickpeas into the water after cleaning them. By soaking the chickpeas, bad chickpeas can be picked out so that can make sure the quality of hummus.
The shell of chickpeas is very hard to remove. We can us the nut shelling machine to remove the shell of chickpeas easily. We only should put the chickpeas into the feeding hole, and the machine can work automatically. The machine has been improved a lot on the basis of previous shelling machine. The nut shelling machine has a shelling rate of 98%, which really has high efficiency and good quality.
The chickpeas then will be sent to roast by a Electric China Chickpeas Roasting Machine , which can roast the chickpeas quickly and efficiently. The roasting machine uses gas heating and electricity, which quite saves energy and has no pollution to the environment.And the roasting machine adopts unique drum horizontal structure, uniform heating, sealing and excellent product effect. The rear cover of the product can be opened, inspected and repaired very convenient. 
The final step to make hummus easy is grinding, which is also the most significant step. We can use a Nut Grinding Machine to easily grind the chickpeas into hummus. The hummus made by the nut grinding machine tastes just as delicious as hand-made. And the machine is made of best stainless, which is not only beautiful in appearance but also healthy to human health.
how to make hummus easy
Above all are detail steps about how to make hummus easy. Our company are committed to produce all above machines that can make hummus. At present, our equipment is sold well in China and exported to Australia, the United States, Nigeria, Nepal and other countries.
We warmly welcome customers from all over the world to visit our company and negotiate business opportunities with us. We also hope to cooperate with friends from all over the world and cooperate sincerely to create a better world!
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