How To Wash And Dry Quinoa

By:Ellie Time:August-16,2018
Do you know how to wash and dry quinoa?
Quinoa is a plant seed from the same food family as beets and spinach. Quinoa has a variety of colors,black, red and white beige,but the taste and texture of the different varieties are similar. Washing all Quinoa before use can minimize the bitterness. So do you know how to wash and dry quinoa?
In fact, in today’s industrial society, people often use the professional quinoa cleaning machine to clean and dry quinoa. Today I would like to tell you how does the machine can wash and dry quinoa.
how to wash quinoa
The quinoa cleaning machine is mainly composed of two parts: a washing water tank and a dryer. 

Part of the washing water tank: 
The tank is made of welded steel plates and lies horizontally on the bottom. One end is connected to the bottom seat of the dryer. The other end is equipped with a transmission gearbox. The inner side of the water tank is equipped with a washing auger, and the other side is equipped with a drainage device.
The washing auger is partially immersed in water, and the water in the water tank is agitated due to the rotation of the auger. When the quinoa enters the water stream, due to its small specific gravity, it can not sink immediately and is in a suspended state. The leaves of the stoning auger are gradually pushed into the dryer, and the sand and heavy sand and other impurities contained in the wheat are rapidly sink. Then they are gradually sent out by the stoning auger in the opposite direction to the flow of quinoa, thus separating the quinoa and the mixed sand.
Lifting the dry part: After the quinoa is washed in the water tank, it is transported to the dryer and lifted by the spiral raft. When the quinoa is lifted, the spinner rotates to generate a huge centrifugal force, and the quinoa is smashed under the centrifugal force. The surface moisture is removed, and the water flows out from the sieve hole; and the accelerated airflow caused by the rotation of the jaw plate dehydrates and drys the surface of the quinoa grain, and the dried quinoa is discharged from the outlet on the top cover.
Above all are how to wash and dry quinoa by the quinoa cleaning machine. If you want to know more information bout how to wash and dry quinoa, you can communicate with us for more information!
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