How to Peel Red Skin Peanuts

By:Ellie Time:July-26,2018
Peanuts are a very common food in our daily life with high nutritional value. Peanuts are rich in protein, which can promote the development of brain cells and enhance memory. Moreover, peanuts are rich in calcium, which can promote bone development in children. So we can see that there are a lot of peanut products around us. And one of the essential steps in the process of making peanut products is to peel the skin of peanut. But do you know how to peel red skin peanuts? Today I would like to share how to peel red skin peanuts.
how to peel red skin peanuts
The peanut red skin peeling machine is a professional peeling machine that designed for peanuts. And the peanut red skin peeling machine is also a necessary machine when processing the peanuts. The machine is widely used in the production of deep-fried peanut rice, flavored peanut rice, peanut cake, peanut sugar, peanut milk, peanut protein powder and other products of the early peeling treatment. Firstly I will introduce the working principle of the peanut red skin peeling machine.
The peanut red skin peeling machine adopts the roller type peeling method and uses the working principle of the differential rolling friction transmission to perform peeling after the peanuts are baked. Then through the sieve screening, the exhaust system sucks away the epidermis, and at the same time separates the epidermis and the kernel. Peanuts need to be baked or dried before being put into the peeling machine. The machine uses automatic digital control, and the dry peanut surface is smooth and harmless after peeling off. 
how to peel red skin peanuts
And knowing how to peel red skin peanuts, finally, I want to tell you how to maintain the  peanut red skin peeling machine.
1.During the operation of the peanut peeling machine, attention should be paid to whether the speed, sound and temperature of the machine are normal. Every time one kind of product is removed or one day's operation is completed, the bearing shall be stopped to check whether the bearing everywhere overheats, whether the fastening screw and key pin of each part is loose, and if it is found loose, it shall be tightened on time.
2.All the bearing joints shall be inspected in a timely manner for oil deficiency and abrasion, and shall be replaced with oil in the event of oil shortage. Clean the machine after each operation
3.After the end of the processing season, a big inspection should be carried out on the machine. Check the running and wear of each bearing; Check the bottom of the screen for deformation or crack; Check the wear condition of the sorting screen. After the inspection, the damaged part will be repaired to remove dirt and peanuts left in the machine.
4.The peanut peeling machine should be stored in a dry warehouse. Avoid the sun and the wind.
Now you have know how to peel red skin peanuts. And I believe that you have a better understanding of our peanut red skin peeling machine. If you want to know more about our machine, you can contact us!
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