How to Peel Muskmelon Seeds Easily ?

By:Ellie Time:July-24,2018
Muskmelon is a kind of food that we eat in our daily life. It is so sweet and delicious that we can't get rid of it. And sweet melon is one of the eight most popular fruits in the world. Muskmelon is rich in malic acid, glucose, amino acids, vitamin C and so on. Identically,the muskmelon seed is also a nutritious nut. But do you know how to peel muskmelon seeds easily?Today I would like to tell you an easy way to peel muskmelon seeds.
how to peel muskmelon seeds easily
1.Remove the seeds from the melon. If you want to get the melon seeds, you must first take it out of the melon.
2.Wash the melon seeds. When you completely remove the contents of the melon, you should clean the seeds until they do not have any pulp and juice.
3.Remove the melon seed shell. This is the most important step, but it is also the easiest step. You only need to put the processed melon seeds into the automatic melon seeds shelling machine,then turn on the switch, the machine will start working automatically. And then the shell will be separated from the kernel!
Above is an easy way to peel muskmelon seeds.
So I’d like to have a brief introduction about the melon seeds shelling machine.
The entire seeds dehulling machine can be pre-cleaned, dehulled, removed from the muskmelon shell, separated and re-separated from your product, making it the perfect equipment for your muskmelon processing industry. The muskmelon peeling machine has high shelling rate, low breaking rate, high degree of automation and convenient maintenance.
how to peel muskmelon seeds easily
And I would like to tell you about working principle of the shelling machine.
This equipment is consisted of the following eight parts: Hopper, Material Hoist, Muti-functional Impurities Remover, Bucket Elevator, Hulling Machines(4 sets), Vibrating Conveying and Separating Machine, Wind-recycling Unshelled Materials System and Controller Cabinet.
The machine is equipped with a unique double-layer shell sheller, which can be controlled by frequency conversion technology. The unique air return system allows unseparated particles to enter the next dehulling cycle automatically, thus greatly improving the dehulling efficiency.
Our company is a professional food machinery exporter with many years of export experience. This machine is one of our company's hot machines. We have our own factories and professional technicians to provide our customers with quality products and services. If you want to know more about how to peel muskmelon seeds easily or our machines, you can always contact us, we look forward to communicating with you.
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