How to Make Groundnut Chutney Powder

By:Ellie Time:July-26,2018
Grounut chutney powder,also known as raw chutney or shengdana dry chutney, is actually a cuisine of Maharashtra in India. In fact, this groundnut chutney powder is very versatile. This powder can easily be eaten with any other food. You can sprinkle a spoonful to add your fries, the taste of the salad, or use it quickly to increase the taste of curry and bolognese sauce. A small spoon can produce magical effects. But do you know How to make groundnut chutney powder? Today I want to tell you how to make groundnut chutney powder.
The whole process is roughly divided into four steps: roasting, cooling peeling and grinding.
The first step is to bake the peanuts. You can do this step very well with the peanut groundnut roasting machine.This peanut roasting machine is fully automatic. You only need to put the peanuts into the feeding port and start the switch. The machine will work efficiently and automatically. This roasting machine has many uses, with environmental protection, heat insulation, energy saving, hygiene and other advantages.
how to make groundnut chutney powder
After roasting, you should cool the roasted peanuts. The peanut mixture mush be cooled before the next step, otherwise lots of oil will flow out of it.
After cooling, you should remove the skin of the groundnut. You can finish this step with the Roasted Peanut Skin Dry Peeling Machine. This peanut peeling machine can put the peanut kernels in half with high efficiency, at the same time, the machine can also remove the red surface of the peanut, no powder after processing. This roasted peanut peeling machine is easy to operate and it is inexpensive with a factory price.
how to make groundnut chutney powder
This is the last and most important step. You should use the Spice Powder Grinding Machine to grind groundnut and chilli. The spice powder grinding machine is also can be operated automatically. You only need put the groundnut and chilli into the machine, then the machine can grind them into powder. And then, the groundnut chutney powder is finished.
Above all are steps about how to make groundnut chutney powder. And our company can provide a set of machines such as peanut roasting machine, spice powder grinding machine and so on. If you want to know more information about the machine, you can contact us!
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