How Does a Peanut Peeling Machine Work

By:Ellie Time:July-26,2018
As we all know, It is very troublesome to peel the skin of peanuts. In modern society, people often peel peanuts by machines. But do you know how does a peanut peeling machine work? Today I'm going to talk about the peanut peeling machine.
how does a peanut peeling machine work
Peanut peeling machine is a professional machine to remove the skin of peanuts. Today I introduce the wet groundnut skin peeling machine, which is a kind of peanut peeling machine is mainly used to remove peanuts that soaked. I would like to tell you how does the machine work.
After the soaked peanuts are put into the hopper, the high standard rubber and soft rollers inside the machine will imitate manual actions, removing the peanut skin and keeping the whole peanut peeled. The surface of the kernel will not be damaged and the protein will not be destroyed after peeling. When the machine is peeling, the red coating can automatically separate from the kernel. 
By using this wet groundnut skin peeling machine,the skin of peanut can be removed easily and conveniently. 
how does a peanut peeling machine work
Next I will show you the advantages of the machine.
1.The wet groundnut skin peeling machine adopts the latest peeling principle, special machine structure, high peeling rate, high pellet rate, low consumption and high output
2.This machine adopts the highest quality stainless steel material, with reasonable design and beautiful appearance.
3.The noise produced by this machine is very low when it works, and the energy and resources consumption is small, which will not cause noise pollution and environmental pollution;
4.The wet groundnut skin peeling machine can separate the skin from the kernel while removing the skin. It has a good effect of separating the seed and the peel. Thus, the work efficiency is greatly improved
5.This machine adopts the most advanced technology. When processing peanuts, it will not damage the protein structure and nutritional value of peanuts and will not cause harm to human body.
6.This wet groundnut skin peeling machine can fully realize automatic operation, saving human resources. And it is really convenient to maintain, saving machine equipment investment.
Now you have know a lot about the peanut peeling machine and how does a peeling machine work. Our company can provide the best quality peanut peeling machine with the best price, if you want to know more information, please contact us!
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