How Does A Hemp Decorticator Work

By:Ellie Time:July-31,2018
Maybe you've seen hemp, but do you know how are hemp seeds hulled? In fact, in an era of industrialization, people always use the hemp decorticator to hull the shell of hemp seed, which greatly improve the shelling speed and efficiency. Then do you know how does a hemp decorticator work? Now I would like to introduce you the hemp decorticator to tell you how does a hemp decorticator work.
how does a hemp decorticator work
Firstly, I want to introduce the hemp decorticator briefly.
The hemp decorticator is a special-purpose shelling machine to dehull the hemp seed. In addition, the hemp decorticator can also be used to hull the shell of pumpkin seed, oats, sunflower seeds and other kind of seeds. The machine can easily remove the shell of hemp seed without damaging the kernels of hemp seed.
Then I will tell you how does a hemp decorticator work.
The hemp decorticator uses high-speed rotating emery to cut and grind the hemp seed cortex continuously. The hemp seeds are first put into the hemp seed dehuller through a vibrating screen and a magnet device, and then removed through a rubber roller. After the blowing and air injection into the grinding chamber, the hemp seeds are continuously dehulled and ground. The machine then drives out the rice hull, immature rice and kernel. The dust collector can collect fine rice husks.
Now you have known how does a hemp decorticator work. Do you want to know more about the hemp decorticator? Next I want to tell you the advantages of the hemp seed shelling machine.
1.The design of our hemp seed shelling machine is reasonable, compact, with advanced nature, practicality.
2.There is glass on the door of this machine. The door can be opened and you can see the internal rubber roll. It is very convenient to adjust. Even beginners can learn to operate easily.
3.The rubber layer of silicon valley rubber roller of this machine is very thick and its service life is relatively long.
4.The machine use 220v electric drive, no dust when used, clean and separate the rice husk, it is your best choice.
how does a hemp decorticator work
Finally, I would like to give you some advice when operate the machine.
1.When shelling, the hemp seeds should be fed evenly and appropriately. No iron filings, stones or other debris should be allowed to mix in order to prevent mechanical accidents.
2.After the hemp decorticator is used, before storing the machine, the dust, dirt and residual kernels of the machine should be removed, and then the bearings of each part should be cleaned with diesel oil.And the machine should be stored in a dry warehouse.
That’s all I want to tell you today, if you still have any questions, you can communicate with us.
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