Five Types of Chocolate

By:Ellie Time:August-02,2018
Chocolate is a very popular dessert, but do you know what types of chocolate there are? Today I want to have a introduction of chocolate.
Because chocolate is made with different ingredients, it also has a variety of features. In fact, according to the percentage of cocoa used in certain recipes, chocolate can be divided into five types, including dark chocolate, white chocolate, milk chocolate, colored chocolate and sandwich chocolate.Now let me introduce these chocolate in detail.
five types of chocolate
1.Dark Chocolate
Dark chocolate is a favorite among people who like to taste "original chocolate". Because it contains small amounts of milk, it is usually the sugar content is also low. The aroma of cocoa is not obscured by other flavors, and when it melts in the mouth, the aroma will linger between the teeth for a long time. Some people even believe that eating dark chocolate is eating real chocolate. Usually, high grade chocolate is dark chocolate with a pure cocoa taste.
2.White Chocolate
Because it does not contain cocoa powder, only cocoa butter and milk, s o the white chocolate is white in color. This chocolate has only the aroma of cocoa and tastes different from ordinary chocolate.
The ingredients of white chocolate are basically the same as milk chocolate, but it does not contain cocoa powder. Dairy products and sugar powder are relatively large and sweet.
3.Milk Chocolate
Milk chocolate is to add a certain amount of milk on the basis of dark chocolate. It tastes very good and is very popular among people. Milk chocolate has long been favored by consumers for its balanced taste and is the world's most consumed chocolate product. Eating milk chocolate can help boost brain function, especially concentration. What’s more, milk chocolate contains many stimulants, such as theobromine, phenylethylamine and caffeine, which can boost brain activity and make people more alert and pay more attention.
4.Color chocolate
Color chocolate is based on white chocolate and added with food coloring (natural pigment or artificial synthetic pigment). It has been processed by a series of processes including ingredients, fine grinding, temperature-regulating and casting mould molding.
5.Sandwich Chocolate
In addition to solid chocolate, there's also what's called sandwich chocolate which is a chocolate with a kernel in it
This type of chocolate emphasizes that there is another pleasure to chew in addition to the smooth chocolate. At the same time, due to the content of the relationship, the taste of nuts and drop chocolate sweet greasy. There is also chocolate with biscuit contents and chocolate with wine heart.

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