Easy Way To Peel Muskmelon Seeds In India

By:Ellie Time:July-31,2018
Using the watermelon seed shelling machine to shell the muskmelon is an easy way to peel muskmelon seeds. Ann recently, the watermelon seed shelling machine is very popular in India. We have cooperated with many guests in India. They are very interested in our watermelon seed shelling machine. Today I want to show you an easy way to peel muskmelon seeds by using this watermelon seed shelling machine in India. And I will tell you more details about the watermelon seed shelling machine.
watermelon seed shelling machine in india
Firstly, I want to have a brief introduction to this watermelon seed shelling machine.
The watermelon seed shelling machine is the most advanced shelling machine our company produced to dehull the shell of muskmelon seeds,watermelon seeds,pumpkin seeds and other kinds of melon seeds. The machine can be operated fully automatically and conveniently.
Next I want to tell you how does the watermelon seed shelling machine work.
Muskmelon seeds will be fed into the input hopper and through the spiral elevator to cleaner, where the raw material is well pre-cleaned before going for dehulling, and then clean seeds into the bucket elevator in advance, and then elevated bucket elevator to sheller for shell. The mixture of shells and seeds will fall on the husk-seed-grain separator after the husk is removed to separate the shell from the seed and kernels. Through the cyclone, all the shells are discharged by the shell unloader. After the shell is removed, the seeds and kernel are transported to the seed-kernel separator to separate the seeds from the kernel. After separation, the kernel will move forward to the separator separation again, but not shelled seed move back to the bucket elevator, then enter the sheller to shell, then into the shell - nuclear separator separation from seed shells and benevolence.Unhulled seeds and small amounts of the kernel will move back to the entrance of the material flow device and then again into the separator to separate again.
You only need to put the muskmelon seeds into the feeding hopper, then the machine will work fully automatically. And then you will get the shelled muskmelon seeds.What an easy way to peel muskmelon seeds!
watermelon seed shelling machine in india
Using the watermelon seeds shelling machine in India is quite an easy to peel muskmelon seeds. And the machine has been welcomed by many guests in India, which is your best choice to obtain economic benefits.
Our company has been committed to exported the watermelon seeds shelling machine for many years,our machine has been exported to India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Philippines and other countries. So you can trust us confidently! If you are looking for the machine, you can contact us, we will sell it to you with the reasonable price!
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