Design And Construction Of Melon Shelling Machine

By:Ellie Time:July-31,2018
Recently, melon shelling machine have been welcomed by more and more food processing manufacturers. This is mainly because melon shelling machine is a well-designed and efficient food processing equipment. In order to let you know more about this machine, today I will introduce the design and construction and other details of melon shelling machine.
design and construction of melon shelling machine
Firstly, I want t o have a introduction to this melon seed shelling machine.
The melon shelling machine is an advanced shelling machine to remove the shell of melon seeds with high efficiency. And the machine can also be used to shell the pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, sunflower seeds and other kind of seeds.
Next, I want to show you the design and construction of melon shelling machine.
The melon shelling machine contains feed-in hopper, bucket elevator, huller, shells collector, positive pressure separator, and electric control cabinet.
This melon shelling machine adopts the unique configuration of double-shell dehuller. Through frequency conversion technology, the individual control of the dehuller can be realized, and the dehulling and separation of watermelon seeds can be realized at one time. The unique wind return system of this machine enables unshelled seeds to return to the dehuller automatically for dehulling, thus greatly improving the efficiency of dehulling.
This machine uses vibration separator to separate seeds and reduce the percentage of seeds used in the second round of husking, so the kernel crushing rate is reduced accordingly.
And then I want to introduce the advantages of the melon seeds shelling machine.
1.The melon shelling machine has a small breaking rate and separates the seed shell from a high rate, the machine automatically feeds, and the operation and maintenance are convenient. 
2.The design and construction of the machine is the most advanced,which is recognized as one of the best melon seed shelling machine in the world.
3.The melon seeds shelling machine consumes less energy when it works, and it won't pollute the environment.
design and construction of melon shelling machine
Finally, If we want the machine to have a long service life, we need to maintain it more often. I'd like to share some useful tips.
1.Please read the instructions before use.
2.Often check the melon seed shelling machine to see if the parts are firm, whether the bearing needs to add lubricating oil;
3.Check whether the steering of the rotor of the melon shelling machine is consistent with the mechanical orientation of the melon shelling machine;
4.When using, you should add watermelon seeds in batches, try not to add debris.
5.Melon shelling machine should be cleaned after use, stored in a dry and cool place.
That’s all today I tell you about the design and construction of the melon shelling machine, If you want to know more information about the melon shelling machine, you can contact us. 
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